Couple prank their friends with adorable gender reveal for their new puppy

Lily and Paul teased their family with a puppy gender reveal
(Picture: Claire McPhilomy/Fortitude Press)

A couple’s ‘gender reveal’ has gone viral after they announced they had adopted a puppy.

Lily Denesha and Paul Callahan fooled their family and friends into thinking they were pregnant with a recent post on social media.

The animal lovers hired a professional photographer to take a series of pictures to reveal they were ‘expecting’.

Instead of sharing the traditional gender reveal baby news the couple announced they had adopted a three-month-old puppy.

Lily, from Idaho, US, said: ‘I’ve always loved gender reveals and pregnancy announcements, but I don’t plan on having kids any time soon.

‘Also, my mum didn’t want me to get a dog, so I was hoping that by pranking her into thinking I might be pregnant, she might be a little more accepting of a puppy and it actually worked!’

The post went viral on social media
(Picture: Claire McPhilomy/Fortitude Press)

In the series of photographs, by Claire McPhilomy, the couple first share the news that their family is ‘expanding’.

The next shot then shows the couple opening a box which has a sign on it stating ‘It’s a…’ to reveal blue balloons.

To everyone’s surprise the next photograph shows that the balloons are attached to an adorable puppy.

Seeing spots? Or not… Dalmatian puppies are pure white when they are born and develop their spots as they grow older.

The three-month-old Shiba Inu puppy is then introduced as Percy, who the couple adopted on 6 March, weighing 8lb 10oz.

Lily added: ‘Paul and I are both animal lovers.

The couple are very happy to have adopted Percy
(Picture: Claire McPhilomy/Fortitude Press)

‘We foster orphaned kittens and rabbits, and we currently have one rabbit of our own.

‘He is a netherland dwarf named Tyrion and we love him to death.

‘But earlier this year, we fell in love with our friend’s Shiba Inu and we couldn’t stop thinking about the breed!

‘When we saw that Percy was available to adopt, we just couldn’t resist.

‘And now that he’s part of our lives, we can’t imagine living without him.’

The sweet sign they used for the reveal
(Picture: Claire McPhilomy/Fortitude Press)

Photographer Claire said she was ‘so excited’ when Lily text her with the ‘crazy idea’ she had planned.

The photographer and children’s pastor said: ‘Anyone that knows me knows that I am a sucker for any and all dogs.

‘So the fact that I was being given the opportunity to not only take pictures, but to take pictures of a precious puppy made me incredibly happy.

‘Percy was so curious and excited that he moved around a lot, so we had to work quickly to get pictures of his face!

Use a carabiner to attach it to a belt loop for a long hike.

‘He also was a bit of a runner which made getting photos of just him nearly impossible!

They're one very happy family
(Picture: Claire McPhilomy/Fortitude Press)

‘We used a ring of jingle bells and a bag of turkey to keep his attention.

‘But people love the photos. It is hard to go wrong with pictures of puppies in bow ties.’

After sharing the pictures on her social media page Lily and Paul said they were astounded to receive more than 16,000 likes and rising.

Lily who works in property said: ‘The reception was overall pretty positive, but a few people didn’t go through all the pictures and actually thought we were having a real baby.

‘I thought that a few people would think it was funny and it would get a couple of likes. I had no idea that this many people would share it.

Percy is happy to have a new home!
(Picture: Claire McPhilomy/Fortitude Press)

‘I am so grateful that a few people ending up thinking it was as funny as we did.

‘My favorite picture is definitely the wink at the end! I love that Percy was in on the joke.

‘He’s like “Yeah, I gotcha, didn’t I?!”’

Lily said she also hopes the post will encourage others to adopt animals.

She said: ‘There are so many dogs out there, both puppies and adults, that are looking for a place to call home.

Celebrate Your Pet at Every Age. Everyone loves a new puppy or kitten, says Dr. Becker. “They’re wildly kinetic, and humorous. An older pet is thinner, bonier. Their coats aren’t as soft, they might have bad breath.” But, like people, a pet’s needs change with age. They may be less active, preferring a leisurely stroll to a rollicking tug-of-war. “Our old retriever, who’s blind, still wants to retrieve.” Adapting to their changing needs will ensure your old friend remains a healthy and happy member of your family.

‘I also think that big announcements like these are great because it shows that you are serious about your pet becoming part of your family.

‘Pets aren’t temporary, they are family.

‘If more people take adoption seriously, I think there would be a lot less homeless pets out there.

‘After all no dog should be homeless and no home should be dogless.’

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