Couple discover genius way to keep their puppy away from the Christmas tree

Have you ever struggled to keep your puppy from tearing down your perfectly dressed Christmas tree?

One couple has come up with a genius trick to stave off any surprise attacks on their decorations this year.

Georgia Kiernan and Jordan Howarth, both 25, brought Hugo, a cockapoo puppy, home in September this year.

Anticipating his reaction, the pair decided to put up the tree early just in case – and they were right.

Hugo, who was probably alarmed by the huge shiny addition to his home, wreaked havoc on the Christmas tree, pulling down all the decorations.

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That’s when inspiration struck: ‘When Jordan got the hoover out [to clean up the mess], he started barking at it and we remembered how scared he was of it,’ says Georgia.

‘Now the hoover has become part of the Christmas decorations and stops Hugo from grabbing the baubles.’

Their vacuum cleaner is perched right in front of the tree, dressed in tinsel and a white bow.

 A dog owner has found an ingenious way to keep her puppy away from the Christmas tree - by making the hoover part of the decorations.
When Hugo sees the hoover he backs away (Picture: SWNS)
Ever since occupational therapist Georgia and Jordan, an engineer, got Hugo he has been wary of the hoover.

Did you hear that? Sound frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz). The higher the Hertz, the higher-pitched the sound. Dogs hear best at 8,000 Hz, while humans hear best at around 2,000 Hz.

The loud and high-frequency noises that come out of hoovers, as well as the new smells, often scare puppies who have never experienced anything like that in their lives.

‘Even if it’s not on he hates it, Georgia says.

‘So, it’s the perfect thing to deter him from the tree.

‘He tries to go round the side of the sofa to get to the tree but as soon as he sees the hoover again, he backs away.’

Despite his antics, Hugo has still been ‘spoilt’ for Christmas this year.

The couple have got him a homemade advent calendar full of treats.

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They plan to keep the vacuum cleaner as part of their Christmas decorations for years to come, unless Hugo starts behaving.

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