Cocker spaniel’s amazing hair lead many to think she’s wearing a wig

Lola the cocker spaniel posing with her long hair
A style icon (Picture: Caters)
It’s safe to say that three-year-old cocker spaniel Lola has been blessed with some incredible locks. In fact, her gorgeous blonde hair is so breathtaking that many strangers frequently ask her owner, Rebecca Dobson, if the canine is wearing a wig.

The 22-year-old says: ‘Because the hair on her head is such a different colour to the hair on her body, people immediately assume it’s fake.

‘They either think she is wearing a wig or that we have been dying it blonde, which I find really funny.

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‘They’re so shocked when we tell them it’s completely natural because of how beautiful it is.’

Rebecca adds that because Lola’s hair is the ‘perfect blonde,’ she’s even had people taking pictures of her pooch so they can show a hairdresser the exact colour they want.
Lola with her blonde hair in the snow
It’s all natural (Picture: Caters)
But Lola’s hair hasn’t always looked this way.

When she was a puppy, the canine just had light fluff all over her body – but it proceeded to get longer and blonder as she got older.

Rebecca says: ‘We never expected her to look how she does now.

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‘But when I first noticed how long her hair was getting I was so excited to start styling it and using accessories.

‘I love playing about with her hair and she loves me doing it too.’

Lola posing with her blonde hair
People even take photos to show their hairdressers (Picture: Caters)

Thankfully, sweet Lola can’t get enough of the attention.

‘She laps it up when people are fussing over her,’ adds Rebecca.

‘She loves getting attention from humans more than she does from other dogs – so when people stop and fuss her about her hair, she is at her happiest.

‘Her tail never stops wagging.’

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Lola posing with her blonde hair
Gorgeous (Picture: Caters)
Rebecca adds that her pampered pooch now even has her own nickname, Lady Lola, and enjoys the finer things in life.

‘She loves having her hair blow-dried and she also enjoys a cup of tea and scrambled egg on a Sunday morning,’ the 22-year-old owner adds.

‘She enjoys a Sunday roast with us, too.

‘Lola is the cuddliest dog in the world and is always by my side.’

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