Cocker spaniel becomes ‘first in world’ to master hopscotch

A very clever canine has mastered the art of playing hopscotch.

Leo the cocker spaniel has been in training for months to perfect the impressive skill.

The three-year-old can proudly hop and leap between brightly coloured squares on his hopscotch board.

Owner Emily Anderson, 31, has shared footage of the impressive feat, which is the latest of his many tricks.

The spaniel can also paint with a brush, play tennis and even perform CPR.

Emily, who lives in Aberdeen, said: ‘It’s the hardest trick he’s learnt so far.

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‘It was the longest it’s ever taken me to do anything. It was a couple of months. It’s definitely the most difficult one I’ve done with him.

‘The first time I recorded it and saw it back, I thought “what the hell?”

Cocker spaniel becomes 'first in world' to master hopscotch
Footage of the spaniel playing hopscotch has been met with joy (Pictures: Kennedy News and Media)
Cocker spaniel becomes 'first in world' to master hopscotch
Hobby-loving Leo can also play tennis and paint with a brush (Picture: Kennedy News/@trickspaniel)

‘I didn’t think it was possible but yet again, he’s amazed me.

‘This is one most dogs can’t master because it’s really hard. I have searched and I haven’t seen another dog do it the way Leo does it.

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‘I think an Australian Shepherd does four [numbers], so only half of what Leo does. It is cued and he’s waiting for the cues.

‘Leo can do it without the cues now. He’s just like “shut up and let me do it”.’

Emily says she uses clicker training to teach Leo, and his reward is an occasional treat between meals.

She said: ‘I’m always looking for new ideas and Leo is definitely at his happiest when he’s learning something new.

‘He just loves it. It makes him so happy.

‘I was in a shop trying to find stuff for his painting when I saw the hopscotch mat. I never, ever thought I’d set him up and he’d complete the sequence.

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‘It was a set of 10 number mats. I never even thought we’d get to 10 – I just planned to get to five or six because we were struggling for so long.

Cocker spaniel becomes 'first in world' to master hopscotch
Leo the cocker spaniel has mastered the art of hopscotch (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)
PIC FROM Kennedy News and Media (PICTURED: EMILY ANDERSON, 31, FROM ABERDEEN, WITH THREE-YEAR-OLD COCKER SPANIEL LEO) A dog owner claims her extraordinary cocker spaniel could be the first in the world to have mastered playing HOPSCOTCH. Owner Emily Anderson captured incredible footage showing three-year-old Leo completing an entire hopscotch grid - hopping and landing on two feet with impressive co-ordination. The 31-year-old dog trainer has already taught clever Leo to paint with a brush, play tennis and even perform CPR, but claims his latest feat even caught her by surprise and is his 'hardest trick yet'. DISCLAIMER: While Kennedy News and Media uses its best endeavours to establish the copyright and authenticity of all pictures supplied, it accepts no liability for any damage, loss or legal action caused by the use of images supplied and the publication of images is solely at your discretion. SEE KENNEDY NEWS COPY - 0161 697 4266.
Emily Anderson has taught the three-year-old an array of tricks (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

‘But once he had the sequence of feet and limp, he got into the rhythm of it.

‘He gets a treat at the end. It’s all done by clicker training. When he hears the clip, it ends the behaviour then he gets the reward.

‘We train so much, if he had treats all the time it’d make him sick. He mainly works for his meals.

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‘It’s a really fun way of using his daily food allowance.’

Since posting on TikTok to Leo’s many adoring followers, Emily says other dog-owners have flooded her messages with requests for tips.
Cocker spaniel becomes 'first in world' to master hopscotch
The 31-year-old claims Leo’s latest feat is his ‘hardest trick yet’ (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)
Cocker spaniel becomes 'first in world' to master hopscotch
Leo learned his tricks following a harrowing near-death experience (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

But she claims no other dog has done hopscotch as well as Leo.

Emily said: ‘I’ve had loads of messages about his trick – more than a normal new video.

‘People have been asking how we do it. I never thought we’d get it as good as we got it.’

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Emily was encouraged to teach Leo his tricks after he nearly died in March 2020.

The puppy contracted a parasite called giardia and had to be rushed to the emergency vet.

But he recovered after a ‘horrible few days’ and found a new lease of life at his home in Aberdeen.

Clever Leo can also play basketball, compete with Emily at Connect Four and play the xylophone.

He has thousands of devoted fans on Instagram.

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