Cockapoo puppy born without a bum finds home after life-saving surgery

pictures of a puppy who was born without a bum looking happy with her vet and owner
‘She’s been an absolute star’ (Picture: Mercury Press)

A young dog who needed life-saving surgery to give her a proper anus when she was just ten weeks old has gone on to find a loving forever home.

People first noticed something was wrong with Malla the cockapoo when she was brought into Acorn Veterinary Surgery for her vaccinations.

Upon realising the girl would be needing surgery to build her a new bottom, she was given over to the care of the practice.

Despite the fact that her unique birth defect was making her pretty uncomfortable, Malla was described as ‘a really bright and cute little thing’ by a vet who treated her.

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Clinical director and veterinary surgeon Rhiannon Mansell said: ‘We saw her when she came in with her litter for her vaccinations, and unfortunately she didn’t have a bottom and had instead been passing waste through a fistula, an abnormal hole.

‘The condition is called atresia ani, and it’s very rare. It’s not something that we see every day.

a puppy who was born without a bum looking happy with her vet and owner
Veterinary surgeon Rhiannon Mansell and Barbara Beauchamp with Malla (Picture: Mercury Press & Media Ltd.)

‘She was very bloated and struggling to go to the toilet and was really uncomfortable, but otherwise a really bright and cute little thing.

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‘We ended up signing her over to the practice and one of our advanced soft tissue surgeons, Nick Wheeldon, had a little look at her.

‘We wanted to save her and find her a new home so we basically constructed her a new bottom so that she could pass stool.’

Now that Malla is well enough, she’s out of the vet’s care and settling into her new forever home with owner Barbara Beauchamp, 59. Barbara, from West Kirby, Merseyside, said: ‘She’s settled in really well, she’s a really lovely dog.
malla the cockapoo puppy
Just a happy-go-lucky girl (Picture: Mercury Press & Media Ltd.)

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‘When she first went to the vet, and they diagnosed her, the breeder didn’t want her anymore, so she was staying with different girls at the vet.

‘One of them is my neighbour, and when she found out I was looking to adopt a puppy, it worked out perfectly.

‘I was worried she would struggle a bit having moved around so much, but she’s been an absolute star.

‘She certainly keeps me young!’

Malla has to keep to a special diet, and may need another surgery when she gets older.

Barbara said: ‘She has a special dog food I buy from the vets that’s obviously easy to digest.

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‘Otherwise it’s boiled chicken chopped up very small with rice.

‘She definitely can’t have anything from my plate, but maybe that’s a good thing.’

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