Cockapoo nearly died after eating face mask tied around bone

Cockapoo nearly died after eating face mask tied around bone
Poor Milo is on the mend after undergoing surgery (Picture: PA)

Vets had to perform life-saving surgery on a dog who swallowed a face mask that became tangled with a bone.

Becky Hammerton, 26, thought Milo, her three-year-old cockapoo, would leave the mask because he’s normally good at dropping things on command. But she suspects the scent of the bone ‘made him react differently’ because Milo ended up eating it. She rushed him to the PDSA Pet Hospital in Bournemouth, Dorset, where he was X-rayed.

Milo had not passed the mask naturally by the next morning and vets thought it was dangerous to try and induce vomiting, as the mask had a metal nose clip.

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‘There was a risk this wire could have pierced his stomach or oesophagus,’ senior vet Aoife Clancy said.

So Milo was taken into surgery, which was successful, and discharged the next day to recover at home.

Cockapoo nearly died after eating face mask tied around bone
Milo was sent home to recover after his life-saving surgery (Picture: PA)
The bloody facemask Milo swallowed
The metal nose clip made it dangerous for Milo to pass naturally or vomit up (Picture: PA)
Cockapoo nearly died after eating face mask tied around bone
Becky said she is ‘so grateful’ to the vets and nurses who saved three-year-old Milo (Picture: PA)

Ms Clancy went on: ‘Sadly this isn’t the first time our vets have seen pets who have eaten discarded PPE.

‘These items can be very harmful to pets and wildlife if eaten, as they not only run the risk of developing life-threatening blockages, but damage to their stomach or intestines could result in sepsis and death.

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‘We’re urging everyone to dispose of their PPE responsibly, but there are also things that owners can do to help reduce any risk of pets eating things they shouldn’t.

‘Training your dog with a simple command such as “leave” or “drop” is the best way to ensure you can prevent any mishaps while out on walks.’

Becky has now started a fundraiser for the PDSA charity.

She said: ‘It was awful but PDSA’s vet team were amazing and without them it could have been a very different story.’

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