Climate campaigner's fury over killing of 570 whales

CLIMATE campaigners have slammed Norway for killing hundreds of whales this year, despite a dwindling use of whale meat in the country.

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Whalers, who typically use explosive harpoons, hunted more than 570 minke whales - the highest number in five years, according to Norwegian Fishermen's Sales Organisation data.

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Vanessa Williams-Grey, from Charity Whale and Dolphin Conservation, said: "Killing hundreds of minke whales is utterly inexcusable, especially given [they are] our allies against climate change."

The way whales feed, defecate, migrate and move through seas circulates nutrients and captures carbon dioxide, which is taken deep into the ocean where it does less harm.

A poll by Respons Analyse found just 2 percent of Norwegians eat whale meat often, down from 4 percent in 2019.

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