Clever pup climbs to freedom as he skillfully escapes metal cage

Shih Tzu puppy climbs over metal cage to escape
He had one goal and he wouldn’t stop until he achieved it (picture: okie_que)

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

This adorable puppy deftly manoeuvred his metal cage so he could climb up and jump over to freedom.

The little canine Houdini has racked up over 5million views for orchestrating his clever escape. The same video was posted to Twitter where it’s gained over 1.7million views in just a week and a half.

Even though the cage is more than three times taller than the tiny pup, she figured out how to scale it with ease. And you have to see the clip to believe it.

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A security camera caught her in the act, and TikTokers are loving it. The video shows Shih Tzu executing some impressive problem-solving skills, by biting the bottom of the metal cage to bring it closer to his pen.

Once the cage is in its desired position, he climbs up onto its cage which is already more than two times his height.

Next, he reaches over to the metal cage – which is even taller – with his front paws and pulls himself up over it.

Commentators were loving that the dog looked like he was forward planning. ‘Plan the plan…execute the plan… that is a thinker…!!!’ wrote rexxxxy3.

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‘I’m impressed by your intelligence [аmаzed emoji]!’ ‘I’m guessing he’s in the kitchen right now cooking,’ @sааааm1966 wrote.

‘No more watching Spider-Man movies for your puppy’, quipped another.

Joyjam11 also wrote what was on everyon’e mind: ‘That dog deserves freedom at this point!’,

Posting as @okie_que on TikTok, his owner has also shared cute videos of him chasing a orange ball around and playing with a piece of paper.

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