Clever dog rings doorbell at 2am after getting locked out

We all know dogs are smart, but one canine put her brains to good use after finding herself locked outside in the middle of the night.

Chika – a Labrador-cross from the US state of Georgia – was in a particularly difficult situation after a door was shut behind her.

The pooch soon realised she was locked outside her owners’ house.

Not to worry, Chika knew exactly what to do and her owners Robert and Angelia Fox managed to capture the whole debacle on film – thanks to their nifty doorbell camera.

The footage shows her jumping up to sniff the doorbell before pushing it with her paw.

The chimes of the doorbell can then be heard in the video, at which point she looks into the camera for a few seconds before jumping back down.

Chika the Labrador-cross
Chika the Labrador-cross (Picture: Caters)

Suddenly, a noise in the distance distracts her, so she runs off the porch but later returns and goes back to the doorbell, when she realises her first attempt has failed.

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Chika hits it again with her paw and takes a few steps back and patiently waits to be let in.

Her outdoor antics took place in the early hours, at 2.18am – as logged by the doorbell camera’s time display.

Robert accidentally left Chika outside when he was locking up for the evening but thankfully, he heard the doorbell and woke up to find his pet sat on the porch.

A relieved Chika is then welcomed back into the comfort of her home.

Her determination certainly paid off.

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