Christmas 2021: Nine great gift ideas for your dog

Dog wearing reindeer antlers at Christmas time
Who cares if they don’t know what Christmas is? (Picture: Getty Images)

When it comes to Christmas, we shouldn’t forget about gifts for our four-legged friends.

Sure, they might not have the foggiest idea what Christmas is, but any excuse to give them a great day is fine by us.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for what to get them, we’ve got some great ideas right here.

Dog Treat Box

a box of gourmet dog treats
Yum (Picture: Etsy)

This box of meaty treats is particularly cute and comes in a range of sizes to suit your little buddy.

Price: From £5.95

Get it from: Etsy

Make a Simple Puzzle Toy With a Muffin Tin. Looking for a simple way to keep your dogs mind busy? Create a simple puzzle toy with a muffin tin, treats and a few tennis balls. And if you’re looking some more boredom busters check out 26 simple ways to relieve dog boredom.

Pigs in Blankets Dog Treats

pigs in blankets for dogs
One of our festive faves in a dog-approproate form (Picture: Pets At Home)

These tasty treats are made with chicken, duck and pork sausage, along with the obligatory bacon.

Price: £4

Get it from: Pets At Home

Aesop Animal Body Wash

aesop animal body wash
For the pampered pooch (Picture: Feel Unique)

This gentle dog shampoo will leave their coat feeling and smelling fresh.

Price: £27

Get it from: Feel Unique

Sprouts Pet Toy

sprouts dog toy from m&s
It’s got to be done (Picture: M&S)

It’s Christmas – festive toys are practically obligatory, that this one is particularly cute.

Price: £6

Get it from: M&S

Posh Pooch Non-Alcoholic Wine

Use Rubber Gloves to Pick up Stray Dog Hair. Does your dogs hair get everywhere, or is it just me? My favorite method for picking up all that loose hair is using a pair of rubber gloves. You put them on and run you hands over your furniture; it’s amazing how well pet hair clings to rubber gloves.

Non-alcoholic wine for dogs
It’s Christmas after all (Picture: Oliver Bonas)

Christmas is full of drinkable treats for you, so why not give your four-legged friend their own (safe) tipple?

Price: £2.80

Get it from: Oliver Bonas

Best Friends Wish Bracelet and Collar Set

Best Friends Wish Bracelet & Pet Collar Charm Set from etsy
Twinning (Picture: Etsy)

The best gifts to give are also gifts for you.

Price: £5.95

Get it from: Etsy

Embark Breed Identification Kit

Embark Breed Identification Kit
Knowledge is power after all (Picture: Embark)

If you don’t know what breed your best bud is, this DNA test can help.

Price: $129 (approx £97) – although at the time of writing there’s a deal on to save $30 (approx £23)

Get it from: Embark

Christmas Reindeer Dog Hoodie

Pet proof your house. To keep your pet healthy you should research what household products and foods can harm your pet. Make sure these are kept in secure locations so your pet cannot get into them.

pets at home christmas dog hoodie
They can dress for the occasion (Picture: Pets At Home)

You’ll be dressed in your best festive attire, so why shouldn’t they?

Price: £10.00 – £12.00

Get it from: Pets at Home

Aquapaw Slow Treater For Dog Bath Time

Aquapaw Slow Treater Treat Dispensing Mat Suctions to Wall for Pet Bathing, Grooming, and Dog Training
Make bath times more bearable (Picture: Amazon)
Whether your dog’s poison is peanut butter or cheese, Aquapaw is a great way to keep them happy, focused and still when you need them to be – another gift that’s just as much for you as them.

Price: £8.99

Get it from: Amazon

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Instead of buying special Kong stuffing, stuff a Kong with cheese cubes and place in the microwave for five seconds.

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