Chilling video shows the moment flock of birds suddenly plunged to the ground

A huge flock of birds plummeted to the ground in Mexico in a mysterious incident captured by a security camera.In the unsettling video , a flock of yellow-headed blackbirds passes over a neighborhood in Chihuahua, in northern Mexico, when they all plunge suddenly toward the earth.

Some of the birds fly away, but many appear to have died on impact. A person on the scene shared a video of several birds lying on the pavement.

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The reason behind the flock’s sudden fall has not been determined, but some experts believe the blackbirds were migrating south from Canada and were being chased by a bird of prey.

They may have swooped down en masse to avoid the predator, but weren’t able to pull up in time.

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Jan. 28, 201900:59One veterinarian also says the birds may have hit power lines or inhaled toxic fumes from a heater, according to NBC News.