Chihuahua becomes singing sensation despite losing his jaw

pepe le pew the singing chihuahua
Pepe lost the bottom part of his jaw in a dog attack in 2017 (Picture: Caters News)

This adorable Chihuahua loves nothing more than a good sing song – despite losing his jaw and teeth in a savage attack.

Pepe Le Pew, a 12-year-old Teacup Chihuahua, is a little sensation, becoming popular on social media during the pandemic for his dulcet tones. Despite losing his jaw and teeth, Pepe was undeterred, and loves nothing more than singing along to his favourite tunes. And people love to watch him too, finding his happiness infectious. Charlotte Chandler, 34, a bike tour guide, from Island of Maui, Hawaii, said he can alternate sound and sing in various voice variations.

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She said: ‘When Pepe was a puppy, he started making these squealing sounds. I encouraged him to sing as a joke and he responded by howling, singing in a “low voice”.

‘He would impersonate my low tone, and alternate his sound. I would reward him with a treat.’

After he was attacked, owner Charlotte feared he wouldn’t be able to sing any more, but said: ‘To my surprise, he sings louder and prouder than ever.’

She added: ‘He throws his head back and sings as loud as he can. He knows it is his talent and makes people happy.’

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Pepe rose to fame last year when she posted a picture of him on a Facebook group that encouraged people from around the world to howl on their balconies to show support to frontline workers.

Despite losing his jaw in a savage attack, this chihuahua has become a singing sensation
Despite his injuries, he didn’t lose his voice (Picture: Charlotte Chandler/Caters News)
When Charlotte posted Pepe’s performances on the group, she was inundated with messages of support and even gifts from around the world.

‘People saw Pepe as a survivor and inspiration to keep going,’ she said. ‘It was truly a blessing to me to witness all the love messages.’

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And he doesn’t just inspire people online either.

Charlotte says: ‘I meet such amazing people running errands, it’s an experience. Everyone wants to know all the things about Pepe. Pepe spreads laughter and light.

‘People are drawn to him and fascinated with him. I feel truly lucky to have Pepe as my dog.’

Charlotte was gifted Pepe by a friend in college when he was barely eight weeks old. He had diabetes and could fit in her hands, and the student even took him to her classes as he was tiny and ‘quiet as a mouse’.

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Despite losing his jaw in a savage attack, this chihuahua has become a singing sensation
Owner Charlotte has worked hard to help Pepe eat without anxiety, after he was attacked while eating (Picture: Charlotte Chandler/Caters News)

‘Pepe stole my heart with his tiny little legs, big ears and eyes,’ says Charlotte.

She’s aware of how far he’s come, after initially not knowing whether he’d survive the attack that changed his life in 2017.

Charlotte said Pepe was attacked by a bigger dog when he was eating, and lost his jaw and teeth in the aftermath. Since then, he developed anxiety issues with eating.

She’s made changes to ensure he’s less anxious around food, saying: ‘He has to be comfortable with the area, soft flooring for his feet to grip and only drinks from clear water bowls.

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‘He has adopted to licking up his food and utilising his snout to get the food into his mouth.’

Although they’ve still got a way to go until he’s fully recovered, Charlotte is happy Pepe didn’t lose out on his favourite hobby; belting out songs to adoring fans.

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