Chewy Customer Service Stories: Meet Taina

Taina started her Chewy journey in August 2016. She works in customer service, happily helping customers.

Previously, Taina worked at a pet store. When she first joined Chewy, which is an online retailer, she was concerned she’d miss interacting with the people and pets in person. She soon realized that helping customers through phone calls, emails and chats is not much different than helping them in person.

“I get the same homey experience from the pet store that I do here at Chewy,” Taina says.

That’s partly because at the end of the day, her main priority is helping people take care of their fur children. Although she may not be able to give belly rubs to all the pets that she helps at, she says what compensates for it is the amount of people she gets to help.

Taina still gets to ooh and ahh over adorable pets thanks to the photos our customers share. And she physically interacts with animals when she works on product videos for The product videos Taina stars in help educate our customers about the products sold on our site.

Taina filming a product video at Chewy studios. Courtesy of Taina D.

“Being filmed for Chewy is one of my favorite things,” Taina says.

She explains that every product video produced at Chewy is thoughtfully crafted to make sure they’re fun yet informative for our customers.

Check out Taina’s interview below to get to know more of her story.

Tell us about your Chewy journey.

My Chewy journey has been pretty remarkable. When I started here, [I was] very intimated. I didn’t understand anything, but now to come here, I’m working endlessly for customers, I’m being [a] teammate. Some people even call me a motherly person because of how attentive I am to others.

Do you have any pets?

I do have pets at home. I have a big household, so don’t judge me, but I have two pet rats now, I have two dogs and I have two cats as well.

How do you interact with Chewy customers?

I treat them naturally. I honestly, coming to this job, I always took care of pets, so it comes naturally to me. Like, “Hey, what’s your dog’s name?” or “What do they like to do? What’s their favorite food?”

Most memorable customer experience?

I had a customer, she told me she’s homeless, and I had to help her try to find things locally because she didn’t have food to take care of her cats. It just sometimes really breaks your heart, but what we really do for our customers at the end of the day, regardless of who they are, we take care of them.

If you could describe Chewy in two words, what would they be?

If I had to describe Chewy in two words … can I put like two words together? Like pawsome?

What makes Chewy different?

I feel like Chewy all around makes me happy. I feel like I’m a true Chewtopian at heart and the whole definition about it is that you love people, you love pets and you want to provide the best for your family. Not even for yourself, but your fur family, too. For me, that means the world, because I always love animals. It’s a passionate thing for me, and being around people that feel the same way is a sense of understand[ing]. I just love my job!

By Chewy Editorial