Chewy Customer Service Stories: Meet Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn started her Chewy journey in May 2017 as a customer service representative. Today, she is a vet diet lead in the customer service department, helping expedite prescription vet diet approvals for our customers.

“Chewy is different than any other place I’ve worked before, because I’m excited to go to work,” Kaitlyn says.

And sometimes going to work means getting to travel to Chewy’s other offices outside our home base in Florida. Since Chewy added pet prescriptions to its offerings this past summer, Kaitlyn has gone to our Kentucky office twice to help our pharmacists process prescription orders.

“The pharmacists are so knowledgeable about all our new medicine … as a team lead for vet diet, I get many questions about Rx, so they’ve totally helped me expand my knowledge,” Kaitlyn says.

When she’s not working, Kaitlin enjoys spending time with her two dogs.

“Jack, he’s a Puggle, and Dash is a Pit Bull,” Kaitlyn says.

kaitlyn's dog jack

Kaitlyn’s dog, Jack. Courtesy of Kaitlyn W.

Having pets definitely has helped her relate to customers whose pets aren’t feeling their best.

“Our customers’ pets are their children, and I totally understand how hard it is when their furbabies aren’t happy or being their normal self,” Kaitlyn says.

While all our customers love their pets like family, Kaitlyn said it’s important to remember that each pet is different, and that you never know who you will be helping when you pick up the phone.

“We’re always told no two customers are the same,” Kaityln says. “How we help Fluffy in California may not work for Sparky in New York.”

Check out Kaitlyn’s interview below to get to know more of her story.

Tell us what you do!

I’m currently on the vet diet team. We get to expedite the approvals for vet diets for the customers. So, if anyone comes to me and they’re like, “Hey, Kaitlyn, I really need this approval as soon as possible,” I’m able to call and get the approval for them.

What makes Chewy different?

Chewy has provided me a lot of opportunities to go out to Kentucky to open up our pharmacy. When I’m in Kentucky, I’m a licensed [pharmacy] tech. So, I call clinics, I get approvals, I help the pharmacist to get approvals and I help the orders ship out.

What’s your most memorable customer experience?

An unforgettable experience I’ve had with a customer was, I got on the phone, and it was my first week on the floor. She called in. She never even heard of Chewy; her friend recommended it. We were on the phone for over an hour, just talking about our cats and placing items in her cart and seeing what she wanted, what she didn’t want. At the end of the call, she told me that it didn’t feel like she was on the phone with a customer service agent, it felt like she was on the phone with a best friend and a personal shopper. So that was cool to hear.

What would you like to say to the Chewy customers?

Something that I would say to the customers at Chewy is we love doing what we do. Some customers hesitate to call in—this is what we are here for and we enjoy doing this. We all have the same love for pets, so I can just talk to people about their pets, and their birds and their cats and their dogs, all day. There’s nothing tiring about talking about your dog. Don’t hesitate to throw us a bone. We are always here to catch it.

By Chewy Editorial