Chewy Customer Service Stories: Meet Errin

Customer Service Stories: Meet Errin

Errin started her Chewy journey in January 2018 as a customer service representative.

“I was still in college when I first heard of Chewy,” Errin says. “I went to a career fair over at my college, Florida State … After I talked to the recruiters over there for a little bit, I was blown away.”

The feeling was mutual. Once Errin started working as a customer service representative, she quickly moved over to fielding online chats with customers and is currently on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) team in the customer service department.

“When someone reviews an item on our site, they’re then asked if they’d recommend to someone else, and they can give us a rating from 1-10,” Errin explains. “Here on the NPS team, we receive each and every review left on the hundreds of thousands of products we have available, and we respond in order to help where help is needed.”

She says some of the customers she helps have never directly reached out to Chewy, which is what makes her team so special.

“We’re able to open the door for customers to show them how we can help if they ever need it,” she says.

It didn’t take long for Errin to start a fur family of her own after talking with pet parents every day.

“As soon as I was on the [customer service] floor, three days later I adopted my first dog,” Errin says. “I made the most of that. I’ve trained her a ton, and I’m planning on making her a therapy dog because I was inspired by the people here.”

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Photo courtesy of Errin O.

While Errin has always enjoyed connecting with Chewy’s customers, recently it’s had more of a profound impact.

“I’ve experienced a really hard loss recently,” she says. “I lost my best friend last month. Working in customer service, you do encounter a lot of people who have lost their pet and they have to cancel their autoship or they have to make a return. And since that’s happened, it’s been more difficult to take on those chats and those calls and those emails.”

But dealing with the loss of a loved one is something Errin and our customers don’t have to do alone.

“I tell them, ‘I’ve experienced a really hard loss recently, too, and I’m so sorry that you have to deal with this,’ and they turn right back around and they say, ‘I’m so sorry you have to deal with this’ … that’s not something you’d expect to find at a workplace from your customer,” she says.

Check out Errin’s interview below to get to know more of her story.

Tell us about your Chewy journey.

I’ve been working at Chewy for about seven months now. I do a lot of different things around Chewy. I worked on phones and then I was moved to the writing team and then I was trained in vet diet and then I was trained in supply and then I was also trained in PAW [Chewy’s fraud protection team]. And I was trained in all these things, and then they were like, “Ok, great, we want to move you to chats. Ok, great, we want to move you to NPS,” … and I just see myself getting more and more experience, having a lot more fun. Just, getting to do something different every day.

Do you have any pets?

Oh my gosh, do I have pets! This is Thumper (she says while holding up a photo of a rabbit). He is, about, we think 5 years old. He was rescued, so we are not exactly sure how old he is. And then I have Honey who is a puppy. She’s almost 9 months old now. She’s a big chunk, big, big, big chunk. I love her so much.

What’s the most memorable pet name you’ve heard?

I did get a picture of a teeny, tiny, little Yorkie. So cute, like a teacup Yorkie, and her name was Princess Monster Truck.

Most memorable customer experience?

She’d been with her husband for 25 years since they were in sixth grade. He had passed away 11 months beforehand. She said, “You know, I still don’t know how he’s been doing it, but every single month, I get a big box of beef jerky addressed to me from him.” Because she loved beef jerky so much and he would always make sure that she had enough in the house. And I was like, well, you know [her] little dog, her name’s Maggie … I sent out every kind of doggy beef jerky we own and sent it out to Maggie and her mom, Keppy, so that they could [say], “Hey, Dad is there. Chewy is here for you.” Just being able to be human like that with people when you work for such a huge company, it means a lot.

By Chewy Editorial