Charity walk: Raise money and get fit with Metro's Lifeline campaign

Lace up your walking boots and join us on our fundraising challenge (Pitcure: Getty)
Yes, you may have heard that our Lifeline campaign is back after our hugely successful 2020 fundraising effort that saw Metro readers raise a whopping £60,000 for The Hygiene Bank. This year, we’re offering you the chance to join us on another Covid-safe challenge and help raise money for another lifesaving charity. Called Medical Detection Dogs , their job is to train dogs to sniff out deadly diseases such as cancer , coronavirus and Parkinson’s for a better chance of early detection.
Not only that, the charity works with dogs so that they can go on to live with people who have life-threating conditions such as nut allergies and Type 1 diabetes , so they can alert their owners if their health is in danger.

Given the incredible strain the NHS is currently under, it’s no exaggeration to say that this charity makes a huge impact in every way.

That’s why we want to do whatever we can to help raise money for Medical Detection Dogs, so they can carry on their crucial work.

To do so, we’ve organised not one, but two, Covid-safe fundraising hikes this summer in the beautiful countryside of Oxfordshire, just an hour outside of London.

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Called Woof and Walk for MDD, one is a marathon distance trek for those who love the idea of lacing up their boots for a bit of a challenge, while the other walk is a 10k route especially for people with dogs and/or children to enjoy.

Young girl walking a dog
If you don’t fancy the marathon distance challenge, you can take your dog and children on the 10k walk (Picture: Getty)
As someone who took part in last year’s fundraising trek, Janet Doyle says she highly recommends the experience.

‘Lockdown kept us cooped up last year so having the chance to spend a day out with other people in the fresh air and making the most of the outdoors was an amazing opportunity,’ she says.

‘The organisers kept us in socially-distanced groups of six, so we all felt really safe and there was still the most lovely atmosphere and camaraderie. I had been worried about fundraising beforehand, but discovered that people were happy to donate – even during a pandemic – as it was such a good cause.’

A group of people walking in countyside
Janet took part in last year’s Metro Lifeline walk and will be signing up again this year. (Picture: W8 Media)
Janet adds, ‘We knew that what we we’re all doing was going to make a real difference to the charity, which made the day even more special. I loved it so much, I’m signing up again this year!’ Joining our walks on Saturday 19 June, alongside other Metro readers and charity supporters, will be singer Alexandra Burke , TV’s Dr Christian Jessen , presenter Debbie Wicks and reality star Pete Wicks.

So if you fancy giving your legs a good stretch one last time during lockdown, this is the the perfect way to do it.

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