Cats and dogs cruelly ABANDONED on streets in freezing cold in winter pet dumping epidemic

AN ELDERLY dog huddles on its blanket tied to a gate in the freezing cold – the latest victim of this winter’s pet dumping epidemic.

Dog dumped on the streets with blanket

Elderly terrier dumped on the streets with its blanket (Image: RSPCA)

This pitiful scene of the black and white Jack Russell abandoned on the streets with his worldly possessions in a plastic bag has shocked animal welfare investigators. The dog was found slumped on a Mickey Mouse patterned blanket with his blue lead tied to a wooden gate behind a Morrisons supermarket. As winter reaches its coldest spell with sub-zero temperatures and snow storms, the RSPCA has been left dealing with a glut of shocking abandonments, including a cat dumped in a box on a freezing night with its whiskers chopped short.

When the Jack Russell was found tied up at the William Doxford Centre in Sunderland last weekend, alongside him was a tree-patterned blue plastic bag containing dog shampoo, pet food and treats.

As the unwanted pet recovers at the RSPCA Felledge Animal Centre, the charity has launched an investigation to trace his owners but are hampered because he does not have the legally required microchip.

RSPCA Inspector Jacqui Miller said: “He was tied to a fence surrounded by his things. It was a really sad sight.

“I got him into my warm van and he’s now getting lots of TLC from our brilliant staff and volunteers.

“He has a very distinctive spot on his left side that we hope someone will recognise.

“The lead he was tied to the fence with was navy blue and the collar he was wearing was multi-coloured with a bone pattern on it. The blanket he was laying on had a Mickey or Minnie Mouse design on it.”

Shocking scene of dumped dog with possessions

Shocking scene of dog dumped on street with possessions in blue plastic bag (Image: RSPCA)

Terrier has a distinctive black spot marking

Spot the dog. Investigators hope spot marking will lead to identification (Image: RSPCA)

With the RSPCA issuing a cold weather alert today, the charity has revealed how 59,121 emergency calls came through to its cruelty line last month – a 5.9 per year on year increase – as animals continue to be abandoned in appalling circumstances.

A ginger and black calico cat was found dumped in a taped cardboard box as temperatures plunged to freezing last Thursday.

Astonishingly, the cat left floundering inside the box had had its whiskers cut short for no known reason. Luckily, a passer-by spotted the box with air holes left on the pavement in Cardigan Road, Bow, east London, and alerted the RSPCA.

RSPCA inspector Natalie Hill, who is investigating the case, said: “This poor cat was very distressed and had a high temperature when she was found. We think this was down to stress. It was very odd as her whiskers had been cut to about one inch long, too."

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Calico cat with whiskers chopped found dumped

Calico cat found dumped in box had whiskers cut (Image: RSPCA)

Inspector Hill added: “She is very sweet natured and it is awful to think that had she not been found the outcome could’ve been very different.

“It is awful to think that someone could callously dump an animal in this way. There is absolutely no need for it and they put this poor cat’s life at risk by doing so.”

The cat has been named Emma and is recovering at the RSPCA Harmsworth Hospital.

Anyone with information about either case is urged to call the charity’s confidential appeals line on 0300 123 8018.