Catch him if you can: 'Eno the Emu' on the run in North Carolina

Catch him if you can: 'Eno the Emu' on the run in North Carolina

A pet emu, known to the residents of North Carolina and, increasingly across the US, as “Eno the Emu”, is still on the run, at least five weeks after slipping out of its enclosure and making off into the woods.

Though there have been multiple sightings, the bird’s whereabouts are currently unknown. Last month, county wildlife officers were sent to “corral this emu, which did not work”, said Tenille Fox, an animal services spokesperson.

“This emu is fast, so they’re having kind of a hard time unless they just happen to get him in an area where he can be contained a little more, like natural barriers or pasture, fence, something like that,” Fox said.

With the bird out in the wild, animal services have been attempting to locate the emu’s owner. Local officials have even tweeted out a picture of Eno in a wanted poster.

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