Can you see ‘love’ written in this dalmatian’s spots?

 Pudsey the dog
Can you see the ‘love’? You might have to squint a bit (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

There comes a time when we each must answer an important question.

That time is now. That question is: Do you see the word ‘love’ written on this dog’s body, in the form of his natural spots?

Or perhaps you see ‘cow’. Or a different word. Or no word at all.

This is the debate that will keep us up at night.

The dog in question is a two-year-old dalmatian called Pudsey. His owner, Jenna Barnett, 32, claims that his markings clearly spell out the word ‘love’, and says this matches his personality perfectly.
Jenna, from Leicester, spotted Pudsey as a puppy at a shelter and instantly fell in love with his unusual spotts.

She says that the dog constantly attracts comments from passersby due to his spotty declaration.

dalmatian with love fur markings
Do you see it now? (Picture: Mercury Press)
Jenna, who is a sales representative, said: ‘A lot of dalmatians have a heart-shaped nose or Mickey Mouse spots on them and it was just bizarre that Pudsey had the actual word “love” on him. ‘I think my partner, Tanya, and I noticed the markings pretty much instantly, after we took him for a walk around the paddock at the place we adopted him from.

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‘Once we saw the ‘Love’ spots, we knew he was going to be a very special dog.

‘Everyone that sees him points the spot formation out because they can see it straight away.

‘It’s quite unique for a dalmatian, so passersby are always very surprised when they notice his spots actually spell out a word.

MERCURY PRESS - (PICTURED Jenna (LEFT), Tanya (RIGHT) and Pudsey the dog) This dotty Dalmatian is a little different from the rest of the pack - because his spots spell out the word 'LOVE'. Two-year-old Pudsey stuns onlookers every day with unique letter markings on his back that read 'Love', which owner Jenna Barnett, 32, claims matches his loving personality to a tee. Animal-mad Jenna, from Leicester, spotted Pudsey as a pup at a dog shelter and fell in love with his quirky spots at first sight. She says playful Pudsey constantly attracts passersby who have instantly noticed his brilliant black spots and then shower him in compliments. SEE MERCURY COPY .
Owner Jenna says Pudsey’s markings have made him a local celebrity (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

‘Pudsey is very loving so he cuddles you all the time, even like a human with his arms around your shoulders.

‘He is very fitting of his “love” markings – it definitely suits his affectionate personality.’

Now, some might say that we’re just looking at some standard dalmatian spots and seeing the word ‘love’ is pushing it a bit.

But according to Jenna, these people would be wrong.

Jenna added: ‘Many people stop us while we’re out on walks with him and the ones we see out all the time always comment on how lovely he is. It’s crazy.

‘When children walk past, they always see the ‘Love’ marking first and they can’t believe it.

‘Pudsey is just unbelievable – the only way I can describe him is like a piece of velcro. Whenever we’re around he’s always there.’

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So, let’s get this answered…

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