Can I walk my dog if I’m self-isolating?

Chocolate Labrador sat of the sofa with treat
While you’re stuck at home, make sure your pet can still get out (Picture: Getty)

Dogs make everything better. There’s a reason they are man, woman and person’s best friend – but not even dogs are immune from coronavirus consequences.

With cases surging across the country – rising 167% in just two weeks , with over 4,000 new cases reported yesterday – it is possible that more pet owners will start to show symptoms or test positive.

If you have a dog and you need to self-isolate, what happens to your four-legged friend?

Can you take your dog for a walk if you’re self-isolating?

Can you walk your dog if you’re in quarantine?

No, if you are isolating because you have shown symptoms and awaiting a test result, or you have tested positive for Covid-19, you must not leave your home.

The official guidance states: ‘You and everyone else in your household needs to remain at home. Do not go to work, school, or public areas, and do not use public transport or taxis.

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Extra treats might be in order if your pooch has to stay at home more (Picture: Getty)

‘Nobody should go out even to buy food or other essentials, and any exercise should be taken within your home.

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‘If you require help with buying groceries, other shopping or picking up medication, or walking a dog, you should ask friends or family.’

Leading animal charity, PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals), supports this but notes that ‘daily walks are really important for your dog’s physical and mental health, so if possible, ask a friend, family member or professional dog walker to take your dog out for you.

‘They will need know in advance that you are self-isolating, so they can take the proper precautions to keep everyone safe.’

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You can’t keep a good dog down – pet charities give advice on how to hire a dog walker or safely ask a friend to take them out (Picture: Getty)

The advice goes on to say: ‘They won’t be able to come into your house, they’ll need to use their own lead, and should wipe the dog over with a clean damp cloth or disposable wipe before they touch them.

‘Keep the handover as brief as possible and make sure you both wash your hands before and after handling the dog.’

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