Callous and cruel! Miracle cat survives being SHOT with sling shot from point blank range

GRAPHIC WARNING: A cat has miraculously survived after a ball bearing was embedded deep in her face from a sling shot fired at point blank range.

Cat survives sling shot fired at point blank range

Angel the cat undergoes emergency treatment after catapult attack (Image: RSPCA)

Shocking photographs and x-ray images show how the deadly metal ball penetrated deep into the black and white moggie’s head, leaving an horrific wound. Somehow the cat survived the attack which has been described as “callous and cruel” by the RSPCA. The cat’s survival is so miraculous that she has been nicknamed Angel.

Animal cruelty investigators today appealed for witnesses who may have seen the cat being shot and are also trying to trace Angel’s owners.

Angel was found with the bearing still embedded in her head by a member of the public in Church Road, Throwley, near Faversham, Kent, at 8.30am last Thursday.

RSPCA inspector Grace Harris-Bridge said: “This poor cat has been targeted with what looks like a ball bearing in a callous and cruel attack.

"When she was found by the kind member of the public who contacted us, they said they could literally hear the air passing through the nose where the metal ball had made impact and caused a nasty wound.

GRAPHIC WARNING: Some readers may find the below images distressing

Angel close up of horrific injury

Angel was targeted from point blank range (Image: RSPCA)

X-ray reveals the level of penetration

X-ray reveals how lucky Angel was to survive attack (Image: RSPCA)

“This was a horrible attack on an innocent cat and could have been fatal for Angel but, miraculously, it is looking like she will pull through her ordeal."

Angel is being treated by vets at the RSPCA Canterbury branch. The cat had been so well looked after before the attack that she is believed to have been a pet.

Beth Hixson, centre manager at the RSPCA Canterbury branch said: “It looks as though poor Angel has been shot point blank in the face.

"Unfortunately, she has a few fragments of skull bone in her head but nothing that should cause her any long term damage.

“She wasn’t microchipped and no owner has come forward for her but she is a friendly and healthy cat so we believe she was owned by somebody at some point.

“She will need antibiotics and care for a while but hopefully Angel has a little angel looking over her and she will make a full recovery.”

The wound after metal ball was removed from Angel.

The horrific wound left by catapult shooting (Image: RSPCA)

Using a catapult to injure a cat is illegal but the laws of owning the ancient weapons that can easily be made at home are hazy.

Catapults and slingshots can be bought and sold and only become illegal if there is intent to use them as offensive weapons. It is also illegal to use them to harm pets or protected animals.

The RSPCA is appealing for anyone who may have information to help its investigation to contact the charity’s confidential appeals line on 0300 123 8018 .