Busy road becomes pet dumping hot spot as heartless owners throw dogs away like rubbish

ANIMAL rescuers have been confronted with shocking cases of callous dog dumping on the same stretch of busy road within days of each other.

Almond and Cashew the dogs recover from ordeal

Almond and Cashew were in a pitiful state when discovered in cage (Image: RSPCA)

As RSPCA inspectors were investigating the appalling way two suffering pets had been abandoned in a locked cage came reports of another dog left tied to a bale of straw. The two incidents on the busy A36 as it runs through Somerset happened only 11 days and around a mile apart. Luckily, members of the public raised the alarm in both cases and the three dogs are now recovering from their ordeal, although it is not known if the cases are linked.

Upsetting pictures of the three dogs have been released by the charity as it appeals for information to find out how the animals were in such shocking condition when they were rescued earlier this month. Images show the unkempt state of the two caged terrier-type dogs, now named Almond and Cashew, and which were rescued next to the A36 in Beckington on March 3.

RSPCA Inspector Miranda Albinson said: “Cashew and Almond were soaking wet and very matted when they were found and are understandably quite nervous after their experience.

“It’s shocking that someone intentionally abandoned these dogs, leaving them all alone at the side of such a busy stretch of road.

“Thankfully, they were discovered by members of the public who were able to bring them to safety and are now all getting the care they deserve.”

Teddy the German shepherd found tied to straw bale

Teddy the German shepherd was found tied to straw bale (Image: RSPCA)

Eleven days after Almond and Cashew were rescued came reports of a German shepherd, who has been named Teddy, who was left tied up a short distance along the major road near The Bell in Standerwick.

Inspector Albinson added: “Teddy was also matted, smelly and dirty when he was rescued.

“We don’t know if these sad incidents are related but are very concerned these dogs were found within days of each other, having been abandoned alongside the same stretch of road.

“None of the dogs had microchips so we desperately hope someone will recognise them and get in touch with us to tell us where they have come from.”

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Almond and Cashew were wet and matted

Rescue dogs Almond and Cashew were wet and matted when found in roadside cage (Image: RSPCA)

The animal welfare charity reports how its inspectors are being regularly confronted with the sight of neglected dogs tied to lampposts or dumped in cages and cardboard boxes as unwanted animals become disposable items.

Despite owners being legally required to have their pets microchipped and registered on an updated database, most of the animals found abandoned have invariably not been fitted with a chip or their details are out of date.

Anyone with information with information about either of these incidents is urged to call the charity’s confidential appeal line on 0300 123 8018.