Britain's UNLUCKIEST dog looking for another new home after latest TRAGIC incident

BRITAIN'S “unluckiest dog” is looking for a new home again after another tragic episode in his sad life.

Buddy the stray lurcher, whose striking odd-coloured blue and brown eyes saw him overlooked by thousands of dog lovers, has had to return to a rescue centre after his owner died. Almost four years ago Buddy – branded the dog “too ugly to love”– finally landed on his paws after languishing for 24 months at Dogs Trust home. A special plea from celebrity pet lover Paul O’Grady helped highlight Buddy’s plight and he was finally welcomed into what should have been his forever home.

Kind-hearted pensioner Chalmers Moffatt was taken by the headlines describing Buddy as “Britain’s unluckiest rescue dog” and gave him all the love and affection he deserved.

“I need him as much as he needs me,” declared the 76 year old widower as Buddy arrived at his home in Lanark for an ideal life of long walks and snoozes on the sofa.

Sadly, Mr Moffatt died recently and Buddy has boomeranged back to the Dogs Trust West Calder rescue centre, where an appeal is being launched to help him find a new forever home.

“We are so sorry to see Buddy back with us, especially in such tragic circumstances but we are so grateful that he has such a wonderful couple of years with Mr Moffat,” said Dogs Trust West Calder manager Susan Tonner.

“Eight-year-old Buddy is now in his twilight years, having spent the majority of his life without a family so we do worry that he may end up being with us for a while again and adopters may over look him in favour of more conventional looking dogs.

“He struggles going up stairs and hills due to mild arthritis in his elbows and would prefer a quiet rural home with patient owners who will help him settle in.”

White-coated Buddy with one brown and one blue eye

Spare Buddy Britain's "unluckiest dog" a life in a rescue centre. (Image: Dogs Trust)

Portrait of buddy showing off his brown and blue eyes

Buddy's mesmeric blue and brown eyes are looking for love (Image: Dogs Trust)

Buddy has a rare condition called heterochromia iridis which sees his right eye a milky blue and the left a dark shade of brown. The condition is believed to be hereditary and occurs in some breeds more than others, particularly Australian cattle dogs, Shetland sheepdogs, Dalmatians and Great Danes.

For cross-breed lurcher Buddy, it meant hitting the headlines as a procession of dog lovers looking for a rescue pet rejected the way he looked at them, leading Paul O’Grady to make a special appeal, telling potential owners: “He will make somebody a lovely pet, he really will. I wish him all the best.”

New video footage filmed by Dogs Trust this week shows how Buddy loves playing games and being cuddled.

Dogs Trust poster for Buddy

Give Buddy a home poster produced by Dogs Trust (Image: Dogs Trust)

“Buddy is such a super character and after all his misfortune he still has a real zest for life and so much love to give,” said Dogs Trust West Calder manager Ms Tonner.

“Staff at the rehoming centre and his foster carers love Buddy and we do all we can to ensure he experiences his home comforts but after seeing how happy he was with a devoted owner we would like nothing more for him than to see him experience this again in the loving home he deserves.

“Buddy is big softie whose main interests include cuddles, staring out of the window and watching TV. Buddy is a dog in a million and would make a wonderful companion for a lucky owner.”

If you are interested in having a new best Buddy please call the Rehoming Centre on 0300 303 0292 or visit