Britain's saddest dog? Rescuers refusing to give up on pooch already returned once

RESCUERS are refusing to give up on a dog who is still waiting for the right home after already being returned once.

RSPCA share the 'best rescues and releases' during lockdown

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Waffle, a three-year-old border collie, was rehomed by the RSPCA's Stubbington Ark centre last year. But just four months later he was returned as his owners could not cope with his behaviour.

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Waffle, who is described as a "complex soul", has now been waiting for more than nine months for another home with no luck.

However, staff are certain the perfect adopters are out there for the nervous pooch.

Kayleigh Allen, from the RSPCA branch, said: “Unfortunately Waffle really struggles to bond with new people and is particularly nervous around strange men.

"However, once he knows you he is such a lovely lad, but it can take several meetings to get to this stage.


Waffle is still waiting for the perfect home to come along (Image: RSPCA)

“Waffle is a complex soul and he’s very sensitive as he’s not had the best start in life.

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"He lacks socialisation skills and is fearful of new people and other dogs.

"He initially found the outside world incredibly overwhelming but, with lots of time, patience and work, he’s come a long way.

“However, his new owners will need to be confident and willing to continue with his training, although we’re happy to support this work in the home.”

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The RSPCA is refusing to give up on Waffle (Image: RSPCA)The RSPCA is looking for experienced and understanding adopters to take on Waffle.

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He is described as a clever boy that enjoys playing with toys and learning new tricks.

Waffle's ideal home would be somewhere quiet and rural without too many visitors.

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The RSPCA is looking for experienced and understanding adopters to take on Waffle (Image: RSPCA)


Ms Allen added: “Waffle is great fun to be around, loves his toys and is great to train.

“He’s incredibly intelligent and loves to learn new things.

"He thrives when he’s working one-on-one with his handler and we know he’ll make a fantastic companion for the right person.”

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Find out more about Waffle here.

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