Brandy the dog looks proud as owner discovers inky pawprints all over house

A very naughty dog left ink pawprints all around his owner’s house after chewing up a biro pen.

Brandy, a six-month-old cockapoo, was left with blue ink all over his paws after chewing the pen, which he had stolen from his owner’s handbag.

He managed to get the ink all over his paws, and left a trail of blue pawprints all around the house.

His owner, Angela Irving, 44, discovered the trail after turning her back on her pup for just a few moments.
Brandy's paw prints
Oops… (Picture: SWNS)

She said: ‘Brandy is very needy, so I’m trying to give him some space at the moment.

‘I went for a wee, and straight away he ran into the kitchen, got on the table, put his head in my handbag and took out a biro.

‘He chewed it and the ink went everywhere. It was in the bedroom, in the kitchen – it was everywhere. I had no idea that ink could go that far!’

In a hilarious video, Angela surveys the scene as Brandy prances around from room to room showing off the mess he’s made. Not only did the dog’s inky pawprints cover Angela’s kitchen floor, they also stained her sofa – and are proving incredibly hard to clean.

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‘The kitchen was easy, but the sofa looks like it has been attacked,’ she said.

‘I didn’t know whether to laugh or get him re-homed! At first I thought it was soil – then it clicked and I thought “right, get the bleach”.’

The hardest thing to clean, however, has been Brandy himself.

Angela said: ‘His paws were dyed blue! We are three or four baths in now, and his fur is still stained. He has to go to the dog groomer to have his hair cut and cleaned.’

Brandy looking guilty
A very guilty looking Brandy (Picture: SWNS)

She has only had him for six months, but Brandy is already gaining a reputation for mischief.

‘My 19-year-old daughter who lives down south calls him Ginger Nut, because he’s so mad. She always rings up and asks what he’s done now,’ Angela said.

Despite the destruction, she is anything but angry with Brandy. I mean come on, look at that little face.

Angela added: ‘It is what it is. It’s part and parcel of owning a dog. He’s like a toddler, he’s just learning. For him, it was fantastic fun.

‘He can be naughty, but no of course we can’t stay angry at him. He’s only a puppy – he’s only a baby!’

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