Boris Johnson cornered by man talking about excessive dog poo

Boris Johnson cornered by man talking about excessive dog poo
He then said ‘Let’s get Brexit done. Get ’em out!’ (Picture: BBC)

The prime minister has been stopped by a man complaining about a park ‘full of dog poo’.

He was in Manchester on the election campaign trail when he had the exchange yesterday, with a man very passionate about people registering their dogs .

The man told him: ‘I go in that park there every day. It is full of dog poo. It’s terrible. Irresponsible owners.’

Looking somewhat uncomfortable, Mr Johnson said: ‘Oh, I see. I see what you mean.’

The man responded: ‘It is only a fiver. Register your dog. It would be a great thing.’

Mr Johnson replied: ‘It would be a bit of a cost for people.’

The man said: ‘They shouldn’t have a dog, should they, if they can’t afford a licence. A fiver, register it.’

Mr Johnson said he would ‘find out’ more about dog licensing.

Things then take another surprising turn as the man concludes by saying: ‘You have got our vote anyway, Mr Johnson. Let’s get Brexit done. Get ’em out!’

It wasn’t clear what exactly the man meant by ‘get ’em out’, but Mr Johnson responded saying: ‘We will do.’

Boris Johnson cornered by man talking about excessive dog poo
Boris Johnson looked uncomfortable (Picture: BBC)

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A Tory spokesman told the Mirror he was agreeing to ‘get Brexit done’ rather than the second part of the statement.

The clip has been shared online, where one user on Twitter said: ‘Imagine having the opportunity for a 30 second talk with the Prime Minister and dog poo being the first thing that comes to mind.’

Another said: ‘Meanwhile cancer patients are dying, vulnerable people are being denied benefits and committing suicide. Not enough money for care for the elderly, but don’t worry, dog licences are being looked into.’