Bone appétit! Pet-friendly restaurant offers $40 steak for your dog

Forget the doggie bag. The Wilson, a restaurant in New York City, is now offering a special dog-friendly menu that is available to four-legged friends coming in to dine with their humans.

The chef-crafted dog menu includes a $42 ribeye steak, complete with steak jus and grilled baby vegetables. The meal can actually be shared with a person via a regular plate or it can be served in a traditional dog food bowl.

"This is a very dog friendly neighborhood. We have a lot of really furry friends and so we decided to go for it," Jesse Mero, a front of house manager at The Wilson, told TODAY Food.

The Wilson

The new menu was actually inspired by the fresh meals that Jeff Haskell, The Wilson's culinary director, makes at home for his dog Stella.

While the biggest splurge at the eatery is the steak, the menu also includes plenty of other options to treat good boys and girls, where they will be served alongside their owners on the restaurant's side patio or front terrace.

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Chremus, an adventurous Great Dane, recently enjoyed the $16 chicken bowl, which was served with poached baby carrots, avocado and mixed greens.

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When asked what he thought of the meal, Chremus started panting and licked the floor for any runaway scraps.

Chremus, a Great Dane, enjoyed a chicken bowl with poached baby carrots, avocado and mixed greens.The Wilson NYC/Facebook

At $28, the pan-roasted salmon, which is served with steamed vegetables and lemon, is the second most expensive item on the menu.

For dogs on a diet, or those simply looking to skip a workout at the dog park, the "spa day" menu includes lighter fare. A bowl of sliced apples and carrots costs $11, while a bowl of mixed berries will set an owner back $14. All of these items can also be shared with a human.


Mero said that the restaurant's doggie business has actually been a bit slow during the week, but often picks up on the weekends when many New Yorkers like to go out for brunch.

"So far, the brunch services for dogs have been hysterical and fun," he said.

Soon, spoiled New York City pups will be begging their owners to skip the park altogether and just ask to be taken to The Wilson for a four paw-starred meal.