B&M launches Christmas outfits for dogs

B&M's new Christmas outfits for dogs
The range includes costumes, knitwear and accessories (Picture: B&M)

You might have your Christmas Day outfit all sorted – but what about your dog?

If you want to get your pooch all dressed up to join in the festivities, you’re in luck – B&M has launched a range of super-cute Christmas clothes for dogs , with prices starting from just £1 for a tiny Santa hat. You can dress your furry friend up as a reindeer, an elf, a penguin or even Santa Claus himself, with the costumes costing £6 each. The range also includes cosy knitted onesies, jumpers, and cardigans and hooded coats adorned with Santas, snowmen, Christmas puddings and penguins, as well as chic Nordic and Fairisle patterns – prices for the knitwear start from £3 for a pink penguin jumper.

And to keep your dog extra-snug in the cold weather, you can snap up a set of woolly leg warmers for your dog for just £2 – there are four different designs to choose from.

The collection even includes three festive harnesses, each costing £6, which you can attach to your dog’s lead so they can look the part while you take them out for a Christmas Day walk.

One shopper posted an adorable picture on Instagram of her sausage dog decked out in one of the designs, which B&M shared on their account.

‘There is no better way to start a Monday morning than looking at puppies in Christmas Jumpers,” they wrote in the caption.

Research what type of pet is best suited for your family’s personality and lifestyle. Dogs require more attention, time and energy than cats do, so if you don’t enjoy walks or hikes in the outdoors, or can’t imagine getting up on cold winter mornings to take your pet out to potty, a cat may be more your style.

‘We’ve got a huge range of dog clothing in store!!’

Check out the full collection here.

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