Blue-eyed Boston terrier and runt of her litter finds home after 'no one wanted her'

When Tess Nolan, a veterinary nurse in Australia, met a Boston terrier with blue eyes who was having trouble finding an owner, she decided to welcome the adorable puppy into her family.Daphne, who has been by Nolan's side since March 2020, is now a social media star after her owner shared her story and their adventures over the past year."I adopted Daphne because no one wanted her," Nolan wrote on a TikTok video that now has more than 9,000 likes.
Boston terriers typically have brown eyes, which makes Daphne all the more special.Courtesy Tess Nolan

In the video, Daphne is resting on white sheets with her tongue hanging out and her piercing blue eyes looking at the camera.

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"People thought she was weird because of her blue eyes. They thought she would have health issues or she would go blind," Nolan wrote. "She is perfectly healthy and the sweetest dog I've ever met."Nolan told TODAY Pets in an email that she previously had a French bulldog who died at a young age due to an aggressive bone cancer. She knew she wanted another dog who was similar but not the same breed out of fear she "would compare them too much."She decided to get a Boston terrier. The breed has brown eyes, however some puppies are born with one or two blue eyes, the result of a genetic abnormality, according to the Boston Terrier Society. Vision is typically unaffected; however in some cases, the group says it can result in an increased risk of deafness.

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Nolan, a veterinarian nurse, said the breeder told her no one wanted to take Daphne home out of fear she might have health problems.Courtesy Tess Nolan

Nolan originally planned to take home Daphne's brother.

"When I got there, there was this puppy, weird white blue eyes, half the size of her brother, I asked the breeder, 'What is that?!' And the breeder told me that she was the runt of the litter that no one had wanted to adopt her. Everyone had said they found her eyes scary or ugly and thought she may go blind or have issues as she grew," Nolan said. "The breeder had come to terms with the fact that they would keep her as no one wanted her. I explained to the breeder I was a vet nurse and I honestly love the unique ones and I would love to have her."

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At first, Daphne was a bit "timid" and "a little off" adjusting to her new home. Nolan said her boss warned her that Daphne could potentially have cognitive issues in the future, but it's something she felt prepared to handle with her training.

"I have definitely seen dogs with eyes like hers and know that they can live healthy happy lives with no issues, but there is the risk of them being or going blind at some stage," she said.

Daphne is now adjusted to her new home and enjoys going on adventures with Nolan, who described her dog as "bubbly and energetic," especially when she brings her to work and she meets other dogs.

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After Daphne's story went viral, people praised Nolan for giving her a good home and commented on the dog's unique features.

"Who wouldn't want a dog with blue eyes??" one person wrote.

Another person called her "absolutely beautiful! She deserved a GOOD home & I'm happy she is with you. I would have given her a home too. What a sweet fur baby!!!!!" someone else added.

Nolan said she's happy to share her special dog with the world.

"People on tik tok respond in very different ways to Daphne! Some laugh at her tongue and I always get asked, 'What’s wrong with her?'" she said. "I always tell people she is fine, she is just unique."

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