Blocking Boris: how to avoid the PM

In the 1980s, Private Eye published a “Thatchcard” stating: “In the event of an accident, the holder of this card wishes it to be known that he/she does not wish to be visited by Mrs Thatcher in any circumstances whatsoever.” Perhaps a similar card could be created for Boris Johnson in light of his photo opportunities at hospitals (Letters, 10 November )?Dave TaylorPurbrook, Hampshire I expected young Boris’s announcement that the UK is not a corrupt country (Boris Johnson says the UK is not ‘remotely a corrupt country’. Is it?, 11 November ) to be followed by China announcing that it is not a dictatorship and Biden announcing that Americans do not chew gum.Derek McMillanWorthing, West Sussex I was luckier than Jill Hughes (Letters, 11 November ), I got a Pink Witch for my 13th birthday and used it joyfully until I left home at 18. An added advantage was that my brother wouldn’t have been seen dead riding it. Dr Brigid PurcellNorwich

Keep an Eye On Your Dog Around Water (Especially Pools). Not all dogs are great swimmers, and when it comes to pools they can be very dangerous for a dog. Keep an eye on your dog if they’re out in the yard by the pool and make sure your dog knows where the steps in & out of the pool are.

Surely your editorial (11 November) about Bain Capital’s intentions to buy LV contains a typo in its spelling of Bain?Tony VinicombeShoreham, West Sussex Cats don’t have owners, they have servants (Cats track their owners’ movements, research finds, 10 November ).Richard WoodToddington, Bedfordshire