Blind cat Floyd Mayweather finds new life with BFF Sugar Ray Leonard

The next day, she set up a trap on the sidewalk, and the brown tabby approached — crying, which was another red flag.

“It’s unusual for a feral cat to cry. They don’t like to bring attention to themselves, but if they’re in pain or a bit of distress, they will cry,” she said. “He actually walked straight into a lamppost and stunned himself.”

Vazquez moved the trap closer and re-baited it with fresh tuna to make the smell stronger. But he still walked straight past the front door to the trap. She positioned it so that the only place he could go was straight in. He finally made it inside and started chowing down on the fish.
I SPY | Once the cat was inside the trap, Jade Vazquez realized he was blind.Jade Vazquez

She covered the trap with a blanket to help calm him and took him to the holding area, where she got a good look at him and realized he was essentially blind. One eye was sunken, and both corneas were badly scarred from fighting.

With typical TNR cases, community cats (formerly called “feral”) are trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and returned to the area where they were found (and where people are typically leaving food for them). Since most adult community cats wouldn’t adjust well to life inside a home, TNR is the humane alternative to euthanasia .

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But Vazquez and her team felt releasing an old blind tomcat back onto the streets would be tantamount to a death sentence. Instead, Floyd — then called Pickles — went to live with Vazquez for five weeks while she got him veterinary treatment. Neighborhood Cats successfully crowdfunded to pay for the cat’s care and put out a call for adopters for the surprisingly docile cat.

“I thought he was going to be a really mean cat because he was a big boy,” Vazquez said. “But because he couldn’t see, once you touched him, he would let you pet him. If you rushed in and grabbed him, then he was on the defensive. He was ready to bite. But he turned out to be a nice cat.”