Bill Bailey horsing around in honour of our heroic war animals

BILL Bailey is used to horsing around - whether it is on stage or on the dance floor.

MANE ATTRACTION: Comedian Bill Bailey dons a Pearly King's suit for a retake of the classic Blue Cross horse photograph

MANE ATTRACTION: Comedian Bill Bailey dons a Pearly King's suit for a retake of the classic photo (Image: HANDOUT) Sign up for FREE for latest news plus tips to save money and the environment Invalid email

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Now the popular entertainer is doing it for charity as he joined other stars to celebrate the 125th anniversary of pet charity the Blue Cross.Iconic photos used to promote the organisation have been recreated with 2020 Strictly winner Bill joining other celebrities such as Paralympian Lauren Steadman for 21st-century makeovers.

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The charity, formed in 1897 as Our Dumb Friends League to help vulnerable pets and their owners, cared for the dogs of servicemen during both world wars.And some of Blue Cross's earliest work was helping the working horses of London, which were often underfed and struggled to carry heavy loads.


Bill, 57, who became a Pearly King for his classic picture of a horse which had been saved from slaughter, said: "It was great fun and a fitting way to acknowledge the heritage of the Blue Cross."Lauren recreated a poster which raised funds for wounded dogs.

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She said: "It was wonderful to have my beautiful dog on set with me. Kira is a rescue dog, so I have a huge appreciation for the work that Blue Cross does."

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