Best in show: artists' portraits of their pooches – in pictures

Lucian Freud’s whippet, Pluto, Joan Jonas’s dog, Zina, and William Wegman’s elegant weimaraners are just some of the artists’ pooches that will appear in a new exhibition called Dog Show that marks the 35th anniversary of Southwark Park Galleries (formerly CGP), based in the south London park. “I wanted us to do an exhibition that celebrated the intelligence of dogs and their importance in our lives on a day-to-day basis,” says director and show curator, Judith Carlton. The 48 artworks by 28 artists were “chosen” by 15 canine curators – with a little help from Carlton and their owners, who are all artists or curators. “Dogs are a lot more than just some cutesy, hairy child,” says Carlton. “They’re our greatly respected companions through life.”
Dog Show, Southwark Park Galleries, London SE16, 18 July-8 September