Best dog advent calendars for Christmas 2021

dog advent calendar
Treat your dog this December

There’s nothing worse than seeing your pooch look up at you with their puppy dog eyes while you dig into some lovely human food.

The feeling is even worse around Christmas, when you know just how much of a treat festive grub can be.

If you wish your pup could join in with the fun, why not treat them?

Advent calendars are arguably the best part about the first 24 days of December.

Surely it wouldn’t be fair to leave our furry companions to eat the same old treats as they would year round.

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It’s never too late to get your dog an advent calendar this year (after all, they don’t know the date), and these are the best on the market.

Depending on your dog’s tastes, you can opt for chicken flavoured treats, gravy bones or, if you want them to get the full experience, you can even buy one filled with dog-safe chocolate.

Best dog advent calendars for 2021

Pets at Home Christmas Dog Advent Calendar Carob Flavour

Best advent calendars for dogs 2021
Treat your pup to some chocolate flavoured treats

While chocolate isn’t safe for dogs, carob is a great substitute to treat your pet to some human-like festive treats

basic obedience training

Buy now for £2 from Pets at Home

Good Boy Real Meat Dog Advent Calendar

Best advent calendars for dogs 2021
Perfect for any meat-loving pups

Perfect for any meat-loving pup.

Buy now for £7.99 from Amazon

Handmade Dog Christmas advent calendar

Best advent calendars for dogs 2021
Personalise your dog’s advent calendar

Does your dog deserve the world and more?

Go luxury with this handmade advent calendar with one gravy flavoured bone a day.

Buy now for £40-£45 from Etsy

Lily’s Kitchen Advent Calendar for Dogs

lily's kitchen advent calendar for dogs
High quality treats for your pup

Lily’s Kitchen is known for its high quality pet food.

Treat your dog to 24 crunchy treats in the lead up to Christmas.

For easy tick removal, apply a glob of liquid soap to a cotton ball and swab the tick with the cotton ball for a few seconds.

Buy now for £9.99 from Lords and Labradors

Cot2Tot & Beyond Personalised Dog Advent Calendar Wreath

Best advent calendars for dogs 2021
Why not make your dog treats into a decoration?

Looking for a wreath? This personalised advent wreath made from bones is the perfect pup-friendly decoration.

Buy now for £25.95 from NotOnTheHighStreet

Good Boy The Snowman & The Snowdog Chicken Advent Calendar

Best advent calendars for dogs 2021
For any chicken-loving dogs
If your dog loves chicken, you can’t go wrong with this chicken-themed calendar from Good Boy. Buy now for £2.95 from Jolleys

Good Boy Dog Chocolate Advent Calendar

dog advent calendar
Your pup won’t be able get enough of this dog-friendly chocolate

Once your dog has removed all of the fabric from the ball, you can stuff the scraps right back in!

This is another one for any chocolate-loving pups who would jump at the chance of ravaging your Cadbury’s advent calendar.

Buy now for £6.45 from Amazon

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