Besotted pugs celebrate getting 'married' with wedding celebration

Percy and Mabel getting married
The happy couple (Picture: Emily Bailey-Mitchell/SWNS)
It was love at first sight for pugs Percy and Mabel when they initially laid eyes upon each other in the park.

Now, two years on, the canine couple have made things official by tying the knot at a special ‘wedding’ celebration.

Around 80 human guests and 30 pugs attended the event – which was held in West Yorkshire on Sunday. Percy’s owner Danii Clarke found herself getting emotional after ‘giving away’ her pet – who was dressed to the nines in a tuxedo harness.
Mabel and Percy and their owners
With their owners Danii and Julie (Picture: Emily Bailey-Mitchell/SWNS)

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the guests at the wedding
80 human guests and 30 dogs attended the event (Picture: Emily Bailey-Mitchell/SWNS)
Danii and Mabel’s owner Julie Goodall spent the past year organising the special day – and it seems no details were spared. Percy and Mabel arrived at their wedding party in a convertible BMW accompanied by best man Arthur the pug and bridesmaid Coco – also a pug.

While party-goers were treated to glasses of fizzy ‘paw-secco’ and a dog-friendly cake.

Danii, from Bradford, said: ‘I’m just so excited for them, we’ve been waiting for this day for so long and I’m so proud.

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‘I never expected at my age to be giving away my “child” in marriage, but as I took Percy down the aisle, I just felt so emotional.

‘And my dog is getting married before me.

‘It was just such a beautiful day, and it’s been one of the proudest days of my life.’

The pug wedding in Brighouse, West Yorks.
Going down the aisle (Picture: Emily Bailey-Mitchell/SWNS)
Mabel and Percy
The newlyweds (Picture: Emily Bailey-Mitchell/SWNS)

The 24-year-old teaching assistant stresses that Percy has only ever had eyes for Mabel – even when they go on their walks with up to 30 other dogs.

She said: ‘Their love is the real deal. You think dogs would try it on with any dog, but he only tries it with Mabel.

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‘It’s honestly incredible, they just have such a strong connection.

‘He always tilts his head whenever I mention Mabel.’

the guests waving Percy and Mabel off
Waving them off (Picture: Emily Bailey-Mitchell/SWNS)
the canine guests
The best man and the maid of honour were also pugs (Picture: Emily Bailey-Mitchell/SWNS)
Julie adds that despite Mabel getting interest from other canines, her heart has always been with Percy.

She said: ‘We noticed that Mabel and Percy were getting on well and we could see that Percy was quite fond of her – trying to climb on her.

‘We carried it on from there, we take them out for walks and people always comment how nice they look together.

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‘When I look at them, I know they’re in love. They love being around each other. They’re madly in love and there’s a definite connection.

‘There are other pugs who have had their eye on my Mabel, but she’s only got eyes for Percy.’

The doting pugs announced their engagement as part of The Pug Dog Welfare and Rescue Association (PDWRA) Valentine’s activity week. PDWRA is a charity that looks after hundreds of pugs across the country and helps to find new owners for pugs in need of a loving home.

If you want to help the charity you can donate at

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