Assange has been collared. His cat knows the feeling

Following the warning about rail travel over the Easter weekend (Easter travel plans face huge disruption due to railway closures , 12 April), I have established that a trip from Lancaster to London will take about twice as long as usual then. Only the fare, apparently, remains unaltered.
Professor Trevor Curnow

• So the 40-year-old Annunziata Rees-Mogg says she joined the Conservative party in 1984 (Rees-Mogg’s sister among Farage’s EU election candidates , 13 April)? When she was five. There was me thinking Tory members were all elderly.
Peter Mitchell

• It is not easy to feel sympathy for a man who dresses his cat in a collar and tie (Assange faces five years in US jail as standoff ends , 12 April). By the way, who is now looking after the cat?
Lesley Kant

• The wonderful story of the lost Somerset river flowing again after 70 years (Report , page 12, 13 April) should have been on the front page, along with Fleabag effect (page 14). Goodness knows we need cheering up and those two stories did just that. Let’s have more. Let’s have at least one happy, uplifting story on the front page every day.
Susan Unwin
Newbury, Berkshire

• Further to the letter (11 April ) from Emily McDermott (aged eight), I too really missed the kids’ puzzles on Saturday 6 April and am happy to see them back. I must have been off school the day we did long division and I’m loving the challenge each week.
Nicola Vanderwert (aged 45)
Farnham, Surrey

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