Asda has launched an entire sausage dog collection for Chrtistmas

Asda sausage dog range
Whose a good boy? (Picture: Asda/Getty)
If you fancy ‘Dachshund’ through the snow this Christmas, Asda has just the collection for you.

The supermarket giant has launched a brand new festive range dedicated to the sausage dog.

The new Christmas collection has a whole host of treats in store for dog lovers, with products ranging from £6 to £25.

Perhaps the best – or at least the most eye-catching item – in the new range is the Dachshund-shaped Christmas light, which comes wearing a Santa’s hat and a sparkly blue scarf. The adorable product is priced at £25.

Another brilliant item is the grey sausage dog cushion, which comes in at a reasonable £6.

Asda launches sausage dog collection for Christmas Picture: ASDA
A cute little box set companion (Picture: ASDA)

The festive season is the time to go heavy on the baubles and ornaments and Asda has delivered with its new white porcelain sausage dog, which comes with a gold top hat.

It’s also giving textiles a doggie makeover this Christmas with both a themed throw and duvet set, priced at £6 and £10, respectively.

Asda launches sausage dog collection for Christmas Picture: ASDA
Festive fun (Picture: ASDA)
Asda launches sausage dog collection for Christmas Picture: ASDA
Santa paws (Picture: ASDA)

But the store’s sausage dog offering doesn’t stop there. As well as festive bits, there are some everyday items in the range, too.

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Give your homeware a new lease (or leash) of life with Asda’s sausage dog cotton towel collection or the dog print wipe-clean tablecloth – which has now been reduced to just £4.

There’s also a sparkly purple Dachshund duvet for kids, which features canines sitting on clouds with angel wings.

All products are available to buy online and in-stores now.

The festive news comes after the supermarket announced it would be selling a Baileys Yule Log during the run up to the big day.

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