Are you struggling to keep your pet dog cool in this hot weather? Here's what you need to do

The rising mercury spares none, least of all our four-legged furry friends. As the month of June started, many cities in India have been reeling under the unbearable heat of peak summer; at 47.6°C on May 26, it was the hottest day in Delhi so far this year and unfortunately, the worst is yet to come. While we have the protection of sunscreens with high SPF to save us from harmful sun rays when outdoors, inside we keep the heat at bay by using air conditioners. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about our pet dogs.

While many pet owners take pride in bringing home some exotic breeds of dogs like a St. Bernard or a Siberian Husky, what they may not know, or choose to ignore, is that such dogs are inhabitants of cold places. So, imagine the condition of a gigantic St. Bernard, a working dog from the Alps in Switzerland and Italy, covered in a dense coat sitting in someone living room in Delhi where the temperature in summers is rarely below 40°C? Your pet can easily become a victim of heatstroke, dehydration or sunburn and all these have fatal consequences if left untreated. In case you are worried about how to keep your pet dog cool and protect it from the scorching summer heat, here's a list of things you should do.

Regular grooming is a must
Dogs with dense fur tend to feel hotter than others. It is therefore very important to groom then regularly because when you bath and groom your canine friend at regular intervals, it helps the coat to remain silky and tangle-free; this in turn helps air to flow to their skin and keep them cool. Therefore, regular grooming of dogs is a must during summers

Keep them well hydrated
Dogs, especially the larger breeds, tend to get easily dehydrated during summers. It is therefore utmost necessary to keep an eye on their water consumption. Always keep their water bowl filled; remember to change the water at short intervals to avoid contamination. Whenever you take your pet dog out for a run or exercise, always carry a bottle of water. You can make your dog drink water from your hand when outside.

Make arrangements to keep your pet dog cool
Remember, adopting a dog is a big responsibility. While it's fun to be around a loving friend, it is no fun for them to get no respite from the heat when required. If you have outdoor space, build a shed for your dog; in case you have the resource and money, your four-legged best friend would not mind having a mini pool. If you can provide space only indoors, make sure to keep your pet in a well ventilated and cool room.

Consult a vet immediately if you see symptoms of dehydration or heatstroke
Dehydration and heatstrokes in dogs can cause irreparable damage, even death, if not treated immediately. Look out for symptoms like loose motion, vomiting, excessive panting and salivation, rapid palpitation etc. In case, you notice any of these symptoms consult your vet immediately.

Remember, your pet dog trusts you with its life and it's your responsibility to look after your canine companion's well-being. After all, if you want the love of a best friend, you need to act like one too, right?

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