Anxiety hotline for dogs launches for Bonfire Night


If you’re a dog owner, you’ll know that fireworks can be seriously stressful – and bonfire night is probably an annual source of anxiety.

But if the big bangs leave your pooch trembling under the sofa, this year you can use a special anxiety hotline – just for dogs.

Due to the lack of opposable thumbs, it will likely be down to the humans to do the actual calling. Dog owners will be able to live-chat with a team of specialists who can offer free advice on how to keep your pet calm.

Dogs can hear four times the distance of a human (Picture: Edgard & Cooper)

Healthy dog food company Edgard & Cooper, are launching the service in a bid to help nervous dogs and limit the effects of anxiety.

Co-founder Louis Chalabi says, ‘Fireworks travel up to 150mph at up to 120 decibels, it’s no wonder our dogs suffer on Bonfire Night. The service will go-live at 6pm on 5 November, and will run till 11.30pm that evening.’

Fireworks are particularly terrifying for dogs because they can hear four times the distance of a human and can hear higher pitched sounds, at a frequency range of 67-45,000 Hz.

Experts advise making a doggy den on Bonfire Night (Picture: Edgard & Cooper)

So while we might be able to enjoy the spectacle and excitement of a fireworks display, for your dog it could feel like an unbearable bombardment of the senses. And when they don’t know where the sounds are coming from, it’s not surprising they feel on edge.

And there are other ways to tell if your dog is feeling anxious. If they’re not hiding, they might bark more than normal, tremble, drool, or even have an accident on the carpet. So if you’re dog is acting strangely, consider it might be down to stress before scolding them.

If this hotline sounds like the perfect solution for your pup, then you can access the number at on 5 November.