ANIMAL CRUELTY: Shock after two dogs left in 'worst state EVER seen'

SHOCKING images reveal the cruel condition two dogs were left in after being abandoned in the ”worst state ever seen”, animal rescuers have revealed. The male Bichon Frise and female Pekingese were discovered in a “horrific state” after being left in a lay-by near Swansea Airport on Fairwood Common on Wednesday.

The animal rescuers believe the poor dogs were “probably thrown from a car” and feared they would have to be put down.

Robbie Bartington, from the Woodfield Animal Sanctuary, said: We were alerted to the abandoned dogs by a friend, and we hope to give them a home for the rest of their lives, but they were in a horrendous state.

“Their hair was matted for about a foot in length, and was so long I don't think a vet's clippers would have worked on them.

“Fortunately, some dog-grooming friends of ours have kindly agreed to help them so we can get them into a condition where we can take them to a vet to be seen and get their vaccinations.

They were in the most horrific state I have ever seen.

Robbie Bartington, from the Woodfield Animal Sanctuary

“We had to pursue them through a field to get to them because they were very agitated, very upset and very hungry.

“They were in the most horrific state I have ever seen.”

Woodfield Animal Sanctuary currently looks after more than 60 horses, 15 dogs and 40 sheep.

Mr Bartington added: “I have seen bad cases of dogs before, but this was definitely the worst I have seen in my whole life.

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The male Bichon Frise was left in a "horrific state" (Image: MEDIA WALES )

“I think the matting of their hair must gone back six or seven years. They may well have been kept in a shed, and the only care they received was food being thrown in for them, which we have seen before.

“We have been preparing for an open day next weekend, so all hands have been to the pump, but obviously we had to help these two when we heard about them. And they appear to be fine now, and seem quite


Their new home is Woodfield Animal Sanctuary on Welsh Moor, near Llanrhidian on Gower.

The sanctuary is is run by married couple David and Robbie Bartington.

Woodfield Animal Sanctuary host their open day on October 27 between 11am and 4pm.