Anger as stray dog painted orange and black to look like tiger

Anger over stray dog painted as tiger (Picture: Newsflash)
The dog was painted black and bright orange (Picture: Newsflash)

A stray dog has been found on the streets painted orange with black stripes to resemble a tiger.

The Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia – Malaysia Animal Association shared the images on their Facebook page after the painted animal was pictured.

The animal rights group called on members of the public to come forward with any information leading to the culprit’s arrest.

An association spokesperson wrote on Facebook: ‘Help Animal Malaysia identify the location and who this animal belongs to.

‘A mystery reward awaits those who come forward with complete information on the incident.’

Facebook user ‘Laura Francis’ commented: ‘The dog’s face is sad, such a shame.’
Anger over stray dog painted as tiger (Picture: Newsflash)
It was pictured on the street (Picture: Newsflash)
Dog painted like tiger. (@animalmalaysia/Newsflash)
The RSPCA said it can be confusing and frightening for dogs to be dyed (Picture: @animalmalaysia/Newsflash)
Jessie Jye’ said: ‘The dog has to take a bath and have its coat shaved to get rid of all the chemicals. Sorry dog, remember the thug who did this to you.’

Dyeing dogs’ fur has been criticised by those who say it can harm their health, and is cruel.

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The RSPCA previously told after photos of owners dyeing their pets circulated : ‘It’s important for owners to understand that some attempts to ‘pamper’ can be confusing and frightening for a cat/dog.

‘People may think they are treating their pets by painting their claws or dyeing their fur, but some of the paints, dyes, inks and glues used during ‘pampering’ can be toxic and harmful to animals.’

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