Andy Cohen announces that he has re-homed adopted dog Wacha

Radio and talk show host Andy Cohen shared on Instagram Friday afternoon that he had re-homed his rescue dog, Wacha ."I've put off sharing this news as long as I could," Cohen wrote in his Instagram post, alongside a video of him cuddling the dog. "As you may know, Wacha is my first baby, my beautiful rescue puppy. He is my pride and joy. When he came into my life, my world changed."

Cohen said that there have been some complications during his time with the dog, who he adopted from West Virginia .
"Over the nearly seven years that I’ve been blessed to have Wacha in my life, we have worked to address some occasional random signs of aggression," Cohen wrote. "No effort was spared in the attempt to help Wacha feel adjusted. After an incident a few months ago, numerous professionals led me to the conclusion that my home is simply not a good place for him."Cohen said that "keeping" the pup in his home could be "catastrophic" for his 15-month-old son, Benjamin Allen Cohen , and "worse" for Wacha, but provided no further details.

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"The good news is that he now has a permanent home with his second family, in the place he lived every single time I went out of town," said Cohen, who has been quarantining in New York City's West Village with his son during the coronavirus pandemic.

More than four weeks ago, Cohen

. A picture of Wacha standing on a dog bed, captioned "A rainy day in CT" was shared on the verified Instagram account devoted to the dog. Cohen himself replied to the post, writing "Miss you!"

In his newer post, Cohen did not confirm if Wacha was still in Connecticut or share any more details about where he had been placed.

"He is thriving," Cohen wrote. "We still see each other, but a piece of my heart is gone. I miss his weight on top of me first thing in the morning. I miss him waiting for me in front of the shower. And I miss the sound of his paws on the floor when I come home. I am not the same person I was when I got him. My dog changed me. He opened me up to love.. to caring… and ultimately to having a family. When I think of him - let’s be honest, when don’t I think of him - it’s with the clarity that we were meant to come into each other’s lives exactly when we did, and that he’s happy, which gives me peace of mind. We did rescue each other. Thank you, Wacha."

There were no comments on Cohen's Instagram post, which quickly garnered tens of thousands of views, but fans took to Twitter, where Cohen also shared the heartbreaking news, to share their thoughts.

Some thought Cohen was being disloyal to his dog.

@Andy A dog is forever. You should modify and adjust and not just give up on your dog that you have had for 7 years. So disappointed and have zero respect for you now. That sweet dog has no idea why you just abandoned him. You were his everything and sadly he was not yours.

— ChristieCapps (@capps_christie)

@Andy having an animal is permanent. Not something you give up when you have a kid. You keep working with the animal. Might as well have given Ben to a new family. Asshole.

— Eleanor Rigby (@3leanor_Rigby)

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Cohen responded to one such commentator, calling her a 'Karen' and saying that he was going off social media for the rest of the day to avoid further negativity.

this tweet makes me so glad I turned the comments off, and I will now go off twitter for the day. Thanks KAREN

— Andy Cohen (@Andy)

Others said that Cohen had done what was right for his son and that viewers shouldn't judge a situation they weren't a part of.

@BravoWWHL @Andy Sweetie I am so sorry to hear about Whacha but I am happy to hear he will be in a happy forever home. I know as a parent we have to put our kids first. When Ben is bigger u can get a dog 🐕.— Mars (@Mars722)

@Andy you did the right thing. #Wacha is in a great home and you did what is right by your son. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!!

— Pam (@pamm4151)