An old man is taking care of his old dog like his child

Over time we have learned that love exists in all forms. There are people who feel unconditional love for their 4-legged friends and consider them a family member. We constantly wonder how we managed to live without them. Unfortunately, the life of our animals will never be as long as ours; as a result, more often than not, growing old with them remains just a huge desire. However, on several occasions life has proved truly unpredictable; it’s enough to read a few stories to realize that anything can happen. Sharing the last years of your life with your 4-legged friend is not an impossible desire; there are people who have had this great fortune and it has made their old age a little sweeter. Prepare the handkerchiefs, the story about an old man and his old dog.

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On the way to the vet, a man witnessed a wonderful scene that he didn’t hesitate to photograph. An elderly man was carrying his little dog, also elderly, in a baby stroller to take him on a visit to the vet: “I was taking my dog ​​to the vet and I saw a grandfather pushing an elderly dog ​​step by step in a stroller”. Moved by that magical moment, the man described the bond between the two as the image of true love.

To make this memorable scene even sweeter is the fact that the owner, during the journey, stopped several times to check how his dog was, moving him to a more comfortable position to put him at ease and also cleaning his eyes with a tissue. Evidently a bit bruised by the weight of his years, the white dog, so beautiful that it almost looked like a teddy bear, let himself be carried without ever complaining.

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It is wonderful to see two life partners standing close to each other at any point in their life. This cute little dog must have walked faithfully alongside his owner for many, many years to deserve this special treatment.