An ‘accessible’ lunch can leave a bad taste

That’s an interesting remark from your north of England correspondent in “Mana from heaven: The chef who finally brought a Michelin star to Manchester ” (12 October): “At the moment he’s focused on opening for lunches mid-week. Charged at £65 per head, as opposed to the £105 evening tasting menu, it’s Mana’s bid to remain accessible to locals.” £65? Accessible? Are we to gather from this that it’s no longer grim oop north?Ian AndersonBristol • Wendell Steavenson’s “Flour power” (The long read , 10 October) continues the widespread fashion of the fetishisation of food in the guise of promoting healthy eating. £4 loaves of sourdough made with scarce heritage grains, wind milled by corporate refugees, is more about bragging rights with your friends than proper food. To get cheap proper bread, all you need is a breadmaker, a bag of organic wholewheat bread flour and a packet of instant yeast, available in any supermarket. “Sourdough heritage grain” fans will sneer but you’ll daily wake daily to the wonderful smell of fresh healthy bread at 80p a loaf. If you use it.Bob CannellBradford
• Sorry to disagree with John Rix (Letters , 14 October) but a pudding is not just made from suet. What about rice and other milk puddings, bread and butter pudding and summer pudding, to name just a few?Val HarrisonBirmingham • Let’s not forget Wightwick Manor in Wolverhampton (National Trust), which has a fantastic collection of pre-Raphaelite paintings by female artists and a gallery dedicated to the paintings of Evelyn De Morgan and William De Morgan’s ceramics (Letters , 14 October).Liz FordSheffield • Did someone else write Marina Hyde’s column on Saturday (Caught out by Abiy? You can just repurpose your Greta rant , 12 October)? Not a single F-word in sight. It made a pleasant change.Stefan BadhamPortsmouth • Tripping over pets sends 87,000 people to hospital in the US each year (Are pets good for us? , G2, 14 October). How many pets are injured?Fr Julian DunnGreat Haseley, Oxfordshire • Join the debate – email [email protected] • Read more Guardian letters – click here to visit

To remove pet hair from upholstery, dampen a rubber glove and run your gloved hand over it. The latex/rubber will attract the hair.

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