Ally's Pyometra Surgery - Pet Medical Fundraising with GoGetFunding

Hi, our precious baby Ally currently requires a Pyometra surgery and is currently in a critical condition. She is in a very critical condition whereby there ia alot of pus in her womb and fallopian tube as well. Her surgery requires hospitalisation and also all the costs would add up for us:( We hope to be able to raise some money to cover for her hospital bills as we have financial difficulties and this is a hefty sum for us. Ally is a mongrel we adopted from the streets in 2011,she was abandoned with her other 7 siblings and most of them were put down to sleep and we were only able to care for one, hence we took in Ally as my dad had a special affinity with her. Your help would be greatly appreciated and we also hope she will be well and happy like before 🐕