Aldi launches dog ice cream to keep pups cool during the heatwave

With temperatures set to soar to a whopping 30C this week, many of us will not only be looking for ways to keep ourselves cool, but also our pups. From sunscreen and paddling pools to cold treats and bowls of fresh water, it’s important to ensure our dogs stay cool, happy and healthy throughout the heatwave.

Thankfully, budget supermarket Aldi has come to the rescue. First with its sell-out dog sunshade bed and now, with the launch of its brand-new pup-friendly ice cream – perfect for four-legged friends that are prone to drooling at your Cornetto.

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Hitting shelves this week (spookily on cue for the mercury shooting up), Aldi’s beechdean doggy ice cream comes in two doggy-tempting flavours and costs just £2.99 for a pack of four (110ml each).

You (and your pooch) will be able to choose from either pea and vanilla or apple and carrot, with each cold treat being 100 per cent plant based and made with real fruit and vegetables.

If these nutritious and cooling snacks are just what your pooch needs for the heatwave and beyond, here’s everything you need to know – including when and where your pup can get its paws on a pack.

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  • Everything you need to keep your pets cool in hot weather
  • Aldi’s sunshade dog bed is the coolest pet accessory for summer
  • Aldi’s dog beds are back to provide the comfort your pet deserves

Aldi beechdean doggy ice cream: £2.99, – in store from 16 June


With barbecue season on the way, let your dog join in the fun with its own cold treat to help cool them down in the warm weather.

Available in either pea and vanilla or apple and carrot flavours, Aldi’s new doggy ice cream will help cool them down and it is also a nutritious snack, thanks to being made with real vegetables and fruits.

Available in-store only from 16 June, Aldi is the first UK supermarket to launch its own dog-friendly ice cream – and at such a competitive price, we predict a sell-out, just like its sunshade bed . See you in the pets aisle.

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Available in store from 16 June

With Aldi’s dog-friendly ice cream only available in-store, if you’re looking to stock up on pet essentials online – here’s everything we’re adding to our basket.

Aldi pet collection wooden dog house: £59.99,


With its classic-looking design, Aldi’s wooden dog house looks like it’s come straight out of a movie. The grey and white finish is a sleek addition to your garden, while the adjustable feet allow you to customise the height. A stylish way for keeping your pup dry and cosy or cool and shaded when outdoors.

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Aldi small raised pet bows: £6.99,


Elevate your dog’s meal times with this raised set of bowls. The sturdy wood is lofted with metal legs, while the practical feeder featuring removable bowls allows for easy feeding and cleaning. Right now, you save nearly 50 per cent on the pet essential.

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Royal blue scallop dog chair: £44.99,


Calling all houseproud dog owners – Aldi’s scallop chair means you no longer have to decide between style and practicality. Inspired by Aldi’s sell-out scalloped range of human-sized furniture , this chair ensures your pet gets all the decadence it deserves. The foam seat cushion is upholstered with velvet for extra comfort while the gold legs add a modern touch.

Use Fruits & Veggies for Training Treats. Don’t have any dog treats on hand? Use some leftover fruits & veggies that are healthy for dogs as your training treats. Carrots and snap peas are Laika’s favorite snacks.

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