After graduating, here's what Sunny's siblings will be doing next

Sunny isn’t the only one in his family embarking on the next stage in life.TODAY’s puppy with a purpose is leaving the show after a year and a half to become a facility dog for a Long Island school with the help of the Guide Dog Foundation, a sister organization of America’s VetDogs.

Sunny has four siblings who are moving on, too, after spending time with local NBC stations around the country. Here’s an update on his brothers and sister.

Izzy (Atlanta)
Izzy said goodbye to 11Alive last week. His handler, Lauren, explained that Izzy would reunite with his sister Camden through the Guide Dog Foundation before undergoing formal training.
Camden (Baltimore)

Camden made plenty of friends at WBAL-TV 11 and became

, whose ballpark was the inspiration for her name. She’s now set to begin her formal training as a service dog for a veteran with disabilities.

Brady (Boston)
Brady was unable to continue his training during his time with NBC10 Boston after it was determined that he had a medical condition that affects the liver. He's serving as an America's VetDogs ambassador and, in the words of his Instagram account, he’s learning “how to be a well-behaved puppy” with his handler, Hannah.Zuma (Los Angeles)

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Unfortunately, NBC Los Angeles’ puppy with a purpose is unable to continue on with America’s VetDogs due to allergies. He will be adopted by his current raiser and is working on becoming certified as a therapy dog.

Sunny and his siblings celebrate 1st birthday together