After Being Adopted by a Loving Family 5 Years Apart, Two Malformed Dogs Become Best Friends

After being adopted by the same family five years apart, two deformed dogs have become great buddies.

Liesl Wilhardt, 53, the founder and director of the Luvable Dog Rescue, has revealed insight into Picasso and Newt’s unbreakable connection. Both dogs have facial deformities and reside with Wilhardt on their 55-acre farm in Eugene, Oregon. Liesl acquired Picasso in 2017 when his sibling, Pablo, died tragically, and then adopted Newt in 2021, and the two became inseparable soon after.

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Liesl Wilhardt (left), the founder and director of Luvable Dog Rescue, gave a glimpse inside Picasso and Newt’s unshakable connection. Both dogs (right) have facial defects and reside with Wilhardt in Eugene, Oregon, on 55 acres of property.

Picasso, who is five years old, was born with a malformed nose, while Newt, who is one year old, was born without an upper jaw after his mother bit him.

Picasso’s condition is known as a wry mouth, and it causes one side of the jaw to grow more than the other, giving him a twisted appearance similar to that of his namesake, Pablo Picasso.

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The medical disease may affect a variety of animal species, including dogs, and causes no discomfort – but it makes it more difficult for pets to be adopted.

Despite the difficulties they face on a daily basis as a result of their deformities and Newt’s medical issues, the two now enjoy exceptionally happy lives.

Her admirers got a glimpse into their relationship through a series of video from their daily lives, including feeding and playing with one other, as well as treks and berry picking.

Take a look at the video below for some touching footage:

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“It’s a marvel Picasso lived as a newborn,” Liesl remarked, “since it would have been incredibly difficult for him to even feed from his mother.” “Newt has faced many more difficulties, the most of which are not related to his missing top jaw.”

“Because both Picasso and Newt LOVE people, they are quite gregarious in public and want attention, and they enjoy greeting people.”

The rescue group has taken in many cats and their litters, while Liesl herself has acquired ten dogs and even an orphaned pig.

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Picasso, like the bulk of the puppies, comes from California’s overcrowded shelters, where there are much more animals than there are homes for them.

The committed animal lover who lives on the site where the facility is located spends many hours a day preparing meals, feeding the animals, and cleaning.

She realized she had fallen in love with Picasso and wanted to retain him as a member of her family. As part of Liesl’s rescue program, Picasso now spends his days assisting people with impairments or illnesses. As part of the event, Picasso engages with a woman in a wheelchair.

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A lot of the dogs are sick and need surgery or amputations, which she takes care of.

Liesl added that as of 2021, she has six full-time staff who help her care for the animals, each of whom leads the dogs on daily walks.

Every day, a new group of individuals arrives to the shelter to connect with the cats and kittens, play with the pigs, and care for the dogs.