Adorable 'unicorn' puppy has one ear – in the middle of her forehead

Split image of unicorn dog with one ear
Rae had an injury during birth that left her with one ear (Picture: goldenunicornrae)

In these gloomy coronavirus times, we need some light in the darkness, and of course it comes in the form of dogs – what else?

Please let us introduce the most adorable pooch in the entire world: Rae, the ‘unicorn’ puppy with one ear, placed in the middle of her forehead.

After losing her ear due to an injury during birth, the gorgeous Golden Retriever’s right ear started moving towards her forehead as she grew older, where it now sits at point of pride in the middle of her forehead.
The ‘unicorn’ pop and her tuft has now gone viral as her human, Sam, shared a video of Rae on the video-sharing platform, TikTok . Unsurprisingly, Rae has since become an Insta-sensation, with her Instagram account racking up 36,200 followers.
Sam and her unicorn dog Rae
The pooch has become an Insta-sensation (Picture: goldenunicornrae)
Rae the unicorn dog
Just look at that beautiful face (Picture: goldenunicornrae)

She might have one ear, but that isn’t stopping this pooch from having a happy doggy life.

Rae hangs out with her friends at daycare – including an equally adorable black Labrador – plays and runs around just like any other puppy.

But although she is unique, Rae isn’t actually the first ‘unicorn’ dog.

Plan for When You’re Not There. Make sure your pets are provided for during those long hours when you’re away. Dr. Becker suggests technological options. “DOGTV has stimulation and relaxation channels, and there are apps that control contraptions that talk to your pet, or dispense treats. Pheromone sprays can also reduce anxiety, creating that kumbaya atmosphere.” And, of course, daycare and dog walkers are a great way to enrich your pet’s day. “Know someone who wants exercise? Maybe they’ll walk your dog.”

Last year, we were treated to another wonder, named Narwhal.

The lovely pup was born with a tail on his forehead , which quickly earned him the moniker.

Don’t worry, both pups are being well-cared-for.

Narwhal was adopted by Rochelle Steffen, who runs Mac’s Mission, a rescue shelter for dogs with special needs.

‘He’s literally the most magical thing you’ve ever seen, and so happy,’ she says.

‘Everybody wants to see him.’

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