Adorable kitten sparks emergency after getting stuck in traffic cone- video

AN ADORABLE kitten got itself stuck in a traffic cone and was carefully freed by local firefighters in an incredible video.

China: Firefighters rescue kitten stuck in traffic cone

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A stray black kitten got its head stuck in a roadside safety cone in China. The viral video begins with the kitten fully enclosed in the cone with just its fluffy head poking out the top. Luckily, firefighters came to the rescue and carefully cut through the cone, freeing the tiny kitten without a scratch.
The adorable kitten has gone viral after the video was tweeted by Chinese newspaper, The People’s Daily. The official Twitter of the Embassy of Ireland in China said: “Poor little thing…Well done firefighters for coming to the rescue of this poor fluffy stray kitten.”

Another person said: “Poor little kitten. I wonder if he/she has found a home.”

A third simply said: “Heroes” referring to the firefighters, and a fourth replied: “Firefighters, god love ‘em.”

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Sad cat

A kitten got stuck in a traffic cone. (Image: Twitter/People's Daily)

Sad cat

The cat was rescued by firefighters. (Image: Twitter/People's Daily)If your cat does get stuck somewhere it shouldn’t, be that a traffic cone, a tree or another small space, PetCoach has outlined what you should do to rescue it.

Firstly, your best bet is to try and coax the cat out by itself. Call the cat calmly and entice it with treats. If that does not work leave a bowl of food on the floor and walk away.

If your cat is stuck in a tree or another high space, you could also try spreading a sheet or placing an old sheet or mattress on the ground. If the cat has a focal point it may be more likely to jump down.

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Most importantly, stay calm. If the cat senses tension, it may get even more anxious, and climb higher or move further into a tight space.

If the cat still refuses to move, you may consider retrieving the cat yourself. If you do attempt to climb a tree, use a ladder and make sure someone is there to help you if you fall.

If all else fails, call the professionals. You can call the RSPCA Emergency Line on 0300 1234 999.Do not call 999. The fire service will only come out if instructed by the RSPCA.